* Inspiration – Feelings

airport security line

“Feelings are everywhere. Be gentle.”

~ J. Masai

Remember to start with yourself and then work out from there ❤️

18 thoughts on “* Inspiration – Feelings

  1. Sometimes feelings are “off filter” because the thoughts we’ve attached to the “what is” are not balanced. We tell ourselves stories about how others “should” act (or how the world should be) and then get upset when reality doesn’t meet our expectations.

    If we change our thoughts, emotions/ feelings follow suit and our “upset” dissipates into the ether. We learn that we are stronger than we “thought.”

    Stepping into the role of detached observer allows us to let things be as they are while maintaining our balance.

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  2. I LOVE that photo and the immediate sinking feeling of getting to an airport after NOT allowing myself the designated time to get through such a crowd to my gate on time! I have figured out crying or panicking does not help and a better solution is to get the kindle out and move patiently through the queue; realizing that there are worse things in life than missing a plane. 🙂

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