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Don’t Diss the “Dis”

Listen for what you need. How come when we feel discomfort we don’t give it comfort. When we have disease we don’t give ourselves ease. Its like what we “dis” we DISS”. Today, and every day day, be kind. Don’t diss the dis.  …

Inspiration – Heart Like a River

  If you pour a handful of salt into a cup of water, the water becomes undrinkable. But if you pour the salt into a river, people can continue to draw the water to cook, wash, and drink. The river is immense, and it…

Loving Forgiveness

The most powerful wisdom is always worth coming back to. Again and again. May we find our way to peace. 🙏 ooOoo Forgiveness is a powerful and empowering act, as it opens our hearts to ourselves and others. Finding a way to forgive is healing…


Originally posted on dhamma footsteps:
POSTCARD#315: Chiang Mai:  Click on ‘generosity’, then click on synonyms for that word, and you get loving-kindness, compassion, empathy, well-being, freedom. You find gratitude, grace, honor, motivation, encouragement. Generosity is everything. Its nature is to share, recycle, circulate; it…

Compassion and Connection – Just like me

When you find yourself judging, blaming, criticizing, resenting, or being frustrated and annoyed with an other person … here are some phrases to bring to mind. “This person in front of me has a body and a mind… Just like me. This person in…

* True Love

When we truly love someone, it isn’t because of  their looks, personality, how they behave, or their values. It isn’t about how they make us feel either… When we truly love someone, we love the Light within the person. Our soul, or divine essence,…

* Inspiration – Feelings

“Feelings are everywhere. Be gentle.” ~ J. Masai Remember to start with yourself and then work out from there ❤️

* Facing the unknown

The unknown can be a scary place to face. Our mind creates scenarios and one thought feeds an other… into distortion and fortune telling of disaster. We feel anxious, out of control and extremely vulnerable. Yet, when we begin to experience the unknown, we start…

* be gentle…

Originally posted on Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean:
be gentle, you’re blooming…

* Asking for help

It takes courage to admit that we are struggling and to ask for help. We often think that admitting struggle is a sign of weakness, yet it happens to all of us.  We all get overwhelmed sometimes. We all experience the highs and lows…

Today’s Quote

Originally posted on Soul Gatherings:
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama ~ ____________________________________

* We can lead a horse to water …

I talk a lot about how we can all find time to pause, connect inwards and find peace; become aware of habits and conditioning; learn to let go; see things from different perspectives; be more compassionate to others and more loving towards ourselves; recognize…

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