* True Love

light within us

When we truly love someone, it isn’t because of Β their looks, personality, how they behave, or their values. It isn’t about how they make us feel either…

When we truly love someone, we love the Light within the person. Our soul, or divine essence, recognizes the soul or divine essence of the other.

As enlightened human beings we see this Light within ourselves and in those we love.

As we evolve more, we see the Light within all people. We open ourselves to be loving and compassionate towards all others.



(Namaste = I bow to you as the Light within me recognizes the Light within you)

36 thoughts on “* True Love

  1. In my experience it is the Spirit or the consciousness which recognises the consciousness of another, just as the consciousness of the client directs the hands of the healer to the exact spot where the healing energies are needed. How did you know where to go? Said the client. Now you know! And the Soul? Well, the Soul is the silent witness which can witness all that happens, but not respond in any way. Love, David.

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  2. That true love resides with our active acceptance of all…such a peaceful breath…Thank you Val for sharing your Light, Your Love in this moment..Namaste’

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