The Universal Law of Growth

growing bud

Today I want to share this extract from the PBS stream of Stephen Hawking’s “Genius”.

“Given the right environment and conditions we cannot fail to grow. 

Life cannot not grow.  Everything is the universe follows this rule. From a cell to a fungus, to a worm, to ourselves. Just think about it. When we fail to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually there is something that is holding us back or containing us.

With mindfulness meditation and self inquiry we can start to tune into ourselves and the environment that can support our growth.

Luckily we can create our environment. We aren’t plants or simple life formations, we have the ability to think envision and create.

I see Buddhist monks in monasteries cut off from the modern world where the seeds of  meditation and spirituality are planted and grown in just the right environment.

To aspire to be like this, in this culture and society may not be possible. In this environment we can grow in a different way.

To allow ourselves to become all that we can be, we must nurture ourselves and the environment we are in.”

May we all continue to follow the universal law of growth, by nurturing ourselves and the environment that we are in.



36 thoughts on “The Universal Law of Growth

  1. I saw one of his series on PBS but think this is from a different one. I’ll have to look for it. It brings to mind when both of my husbands lamented with the question to me “can’t you ever be satisfied?” I was always trying to grow myself and my life. I think gratitude and desire are what grow the universe. Without the first, the second isn’t always possible. I did outgrow 2 men who were stuck in their thought patterns. STILL GROWING. 🙂

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  2. After the Divine Gift of Free-will to us all, it surely goes without saying that all that is subsequently given must be for the good of all! Sad as it may seem the takeover of Tibet by China although brutal in its harshness was for the good of all since if it had not occurred the Tibetan Buddhist pattern may have still been cloistered in that remote country. As it is the Dalai Lama and his followers were forced to flee and spread their profound message to the world. For the good of all? I hope and trust that from that scattering of the seed we were all given the chance to grow that little bit more. Love, David

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  3. When judgements and expectations are removed from the environment…growth is empowered by its own extended reach…Thank you Val for this lovely reminder…..

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