* We are Not our Thinking

“Thinking is something you watch the mind do. You are just there, aware that you are aware. You are the indwelling being, the consciousness. Its not something you have to think about. You are it. You can watch the mind being neurotic and not get involved. This is all you have to do to unplug the disturbed mind.”

~ Michael A. Singer from The Untethered Soul

We are not the thinking mind, we are aware of the thinking mind.

Awareness itself.

When we embrace this discovery, everything begins to change.

Our beliefs and thoughts become clear and we can question them.

It is the key to detach from the beliefs that hold us back, keep us limited and safe.

This awareness leads to freedom, connection and infinite possibilities.

So go on, take time to unplug.

Soften… Let go…

Watch your thoughts like passing clouds.


42 thoughts on “* We are Not our Thinking

  1. We are getting houseguests this weekend. I hate houseguest even when it’s family I love. My mind has been in neurotic overdrive. I need to find that release switch and let it fly free so I can concentrate on the positives.

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  2. Beautiful. The most interesting self discovery one can do. Meditation is a lifestyle that helps us go through life without being a slave to our own worries. Awareness and focus on the now is the key to freedom. There is a great app called -calm- it’s available on any smartphone and really helps to start the practice. xx

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  3. That video is amazing! Learning to disassociate or at least separate my Self from my mind has been the single most important process for both my mental and spiritual health. I say process, because I have been practicing for oh, 10 years or more – from the moment I read Tolle’s The Power of Now. I forget then I remember and then I forget and so it goes on.

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  4. Lovely quote and worth thinking about, I usually fly above the clouds like a bird when Im chilling out but yesterday in my meditation instead of trying to control my mind not to think, I asked my higher self to take over. Val I had the most amazing experience I have ever had, she took me somewhere I had never been before. My husband said I had a certain sparkle on this day and I saw the world in rich colour and savoured every moment. I know I won’t be able to go there every day but I think I might become addicted to my morning quiet. Thank you for always being an inspiration every time I visit.

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  5. Always Val you hold such beautiful thoughts that you share these truths with us.. And I enjoyed the floating through the clouds.. I can not sleep this evening, and for the first time in a week have turned back on my old PC.. Serves me right for having an early night and sleeping like a log for 2 hours..
    Sending love, and warm thoughts your way my friend.. Hugs Sue

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    • May the floating and letting go bring you to relaxation and eventually sleep Sue.
      Sometimes it isn’t easy as our mind holds on the thoughts of the day.
      This week has been tough for me too.
      What helps me, is to focus on the breath. Moving into the center of my being. Feeling it there.
      Then saying to myself. Inhale peace…Exhale release…
      Slowing down the rhythm and keeping awareness here.
      Noticing when thoughts step back in. Checking in with the body and inviting it into this relaxed space. Soften the face. The jaw. Keep saying the mantra.

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      • Bless you Val for this beautiful Mantra.. I often don’t practice what I preach πŸ˜‰ .. I put a short meditation CD on the other day when I knew my Granddaughter age 5 and a half, mustn’t forget the half! lol was getting over tired. We went to lay down and listen as it takes you on a short journey through a meadow and cyrstal cave.. πŸ™‚ In it a womans voice says Inhale and exhale.. I had to explain to my granddaughter it meant breathe in and out slowly..We both drifted off and an nearly 2 hours later my hubby had to come and wake us..
        The following week I said something to her about Taking a deep breath in.. She corrected me and said don’t you mean inhale grandma? πŸ™‚ Thank you dearest Val I have the utmost respect for your wonderful gift of always helping me with my own balance.. Love and hugs ❀ xxx

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        • Children remind us how it is to learn afresh. She does sound like a bright button πŸ’› I had two 5 year olds in one of my classes the other day as Granny was babysitting and everyone wanted to go to yoga. It was such a treat to be open to the joy and laughter of each moment with them πŸ’•

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