The most powerful wisdom is always worth coming back to. Again and again. May we find our way to peace. 🙏


Forgiveness is a powerful and empowering act, as it opens our hearts to ourselves and others. Finding a way to forgive is healing and freeing.

This is a three part meditation on forgiveness that I learned during my teacher training at Kripalu. All three parts should be read, preferably out loud.

May it touch your heart, bring some healing and peace.

be at peace


  • Part 1 Extending Forgiveness to Yourself:

I allow myself to be imperfect.

I allow myself to make mistakes.

I allow myself to be a learner, still learning life’s lessons.

I forgive myself.

If I cannot forgive myself now, may I forgive myself sometime in the future.

  • Part 2 Asking forgiveness from others for the harm that you’ve done to them:

Please allow me to be imperfect.

Please allow me to make mistakes.

Please allow me to be a learner, still learning life’s lessons.

Please forgive me.

If you cannot forgive me now, please try to forgive me sometime in the future.

  • Part 3 Extending forgiveness for those who have harmed you:

Just as I allow myself to be imperfect, so I allow you to be imperfect.

I allow you also to make mistakes.

I allow you to be a learner, still learning life’s lessons.

I forgive you. 

If I cannot forgive you now, may I forgive you sometime in the future.


As you come to the end of this loving forgiveness meditation, take a few moments and allow the words to absorb into your consciousness.

What do you notice in your body, mind and sense of being?

What is your relationship with whatever is coming up?

Can you be with it?

… and breathe.

Allow it to be.


44 comments on “Loving Forgiveness

  1. Such a lovely meditation on forgiveness, Val. And timely for me ~ after a dream about him last night, I was just meditating on forgiveness toward my ex husband this morning, and myself. I was caught by surprise at the overflowing of love that surged through me. Forgiveness is so freeing… ❤
    Peace and love to you, hope you have a wonderful day Val!


    • Thank you for sharing here Julie. Forgiveness opens our hearts and allows us to connect to our inner being and the love that resides there. So glad it helped today.


  2. This meditation is very good, I specially like the sentence about if not now then later. Thanks for sharing this Val 🙂


    • Thank you Irene. I agree, if we begin to feel tense then giving ourselves permission to forgive later can allow the loving energy to still flow and release.
      Val x


  3. heartfelt
    redemption 🙂


  4. So beautiful, Val. I am honored to be a part of this.


  5. Forgiveness is a powerful antidote to toxicity.


  6. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is one’s self.
    Diana xo


  7. This is a beautiful exercise, Val–and one I’ll put into my routine. And then one which I hope will be put into “practice.”


  8. This is so timely for me. I was just today, for the first time, releasing my desire to make our upcoming summer events perfect. Things never are, they always fall short of the mark. I realize the goal should just be to make things special. Special is more than enough. Imperfections give us so much joy in laughing at ourselves. 🙂


  9. Val 🙂
    What should I say !!
    I am speechless. You have revealed something great. I have also practised this type of meditation and it makes me feel very light. It releases all the burden from my soul. I am very glad to hear it from you :).
    That is the reason I have mentioned meditation as one of the “7 Ways to Stay on Track” in my blog.
    Loved it my friend.

    God Bless


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    Find Your Middle Ground You Are On It….Forgive and Let Go… Thank You


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  12. Thanks so much, Val, for sharing this well-rounded forgiveness meditation. I keep forgiveness quotes around me all the time, but what I like about this series is it reaches out into the future, the present and past, and to ourselves and others. Powerful words for inner peace, thank you.

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it too Jet. When I first used it I was surprised at what came up within me. Now it fills me with a feeling of love and wellbeing for all. 💕

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  13. This is so good, I’m copying it to print out. Thanks, Val! ❤

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  14. A powerful meditation mantra.. Forgiving oneself is so important and often we put ourselves way down the list.. Thank you Val.. I need to use this.. Many thanks Val xx ❤

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  15. Thanks for this post val, it’s a great post, forgiveness gives peace of mind, let go off negative thought, I just remember the incident happened last year I was so bound to the ignition and anger that I was unwilling to forgive but as time flew, and I forgave , I feel really good as if the burden I was carrying was now went off, and now I do follow learn to forgive and forget the past🙂🙂🙂

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  16. Fantastic article.we must forgive others in order to go ahead in the way of salvation

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  18. Beautiful Val. A great lesson and practice we all need to do.


  19. Good topic, for sure. Yet one must come to authentic forgiveness in their own time and way. Still, words of encouragement and wisdom may help that process along. As for my own journey, it was key in so many ways. Aloha, Val. 🌺💥💗


  20. A great meditation….

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