“Awareness is the greatest alchemy there is.
Just go on becoming more and more aware and you will find your life changing for the better in every possible dimension.
It will bring great fulfillment”. ~ Osho


When we are able to bring awareness to our actions, thoughts and emotions we begin a journey of inner transformation.

This can only happen when we pause, notice and withhold judgment about how things should be.

It may take some time, and a lot of practice … but the end result is one of inner knowing and freedom to be our true selves.

I paused and these words came:

Begin to transform

awareness as alchemy

in your Middle Ground.

25 comments on “* Awareness as Alchemy

  1. Many wise and wonderful things happen in a moment of pause.


  2. Awareness is the secret of life! Beautiful words Val.


  3. Utterly wise. However, I would just add that for many having some professional assistance in understanding who we are and why we are the person we are is vital. Many, and I speak from personal experience, can’t unscramble our inner ‘connections’ without that help. And, yes, Healing Grief is spot on. Awareness is the secret of life. It is all to do with relationships, starting with the one we have with ourselves!


    • I agree Paul. When we start to inquire inwards and really look at ourselves , everything changes. Up until then we think that our beliefs and how we see the world is the best – and only way. We have no insight how we may be contributing to some of the struggles we are having.
      I recall one of the biggest wake up questions I was asked was:
      “How could you have contributed to this situation?” and “what could you do differently?”


  4. To which I would respectfully add, Val, Awareness as Oxygen. 🙂


    • I really like this Eric! Once you breathe it, you cannot do without it. It is the fuel to seeing life as it is…to accept what is … to grow, create and build from where you are into how you want to be!

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  5. I’m always aware of my gratitude for you, Val.


  6. Where am I on my spiritual path?
    Between a rock and a Buddha place.

    Both sit in silent stillness.
    Neither is impacted by stress and dis-ease.
    Both are accepting of the environment around them.
    Neither are angry, greedy, envious, or jealous.

    But only one is fully awake and aware.


  7. Beautiful and wise as per usual Val! ❤
    Diana xo


  8. Awareness = Alchemy. Love the analogy Val.


  9. Love it, Val. Such an important piece of the puzzle!! ❤


  10. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I love this idea of spiritual alchemy. I’m actually reading a book about this right now. Transformation of our lives is why we are here….listening in stillness is the best way to recognize the judgment we have habitually put upon ourselves. May 2015 be a year of golden transformations for you my dear.


  11. I love the message

    So eloquently written

    Emphasized with art


  12. So very beautiful ! Thank you … blessings


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