Are you a pleasure seeker or a joy seeker?

Both Eckhart Tolle and Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras tell us that the difference between pleasure and joy lies in whether we focus on the outer world of our senses (pleasure) or our inner world of being (joy).

happy people

Many people are pleasure seekers while others are seekers of joy.  Adolescence is the time to explore pleasure and our senses … but most of us learn as we become adults, that although it makes us euphoric, it doesn’t last. Later we might also come to see that it is a way to avoid facing challenges and takes us away from being in the present to the natural highs and lows of life.

Where pleasure is fleeting, joy is always within us to connect to. It is at the heart of our being. An appreciation for life itself and a recognition that we are connected to a divine Source or Presence.

We don’t need the beach vacation, the fancy car, the roller coaster thrill or being the hostess with the mostest to be happy… When we pause, breathe and tune into this inner world, we find our Middle Ground.

This is where we nurture our joy and contentment with life.

Where we appreciate being rather than doing.

Where we let go rather than acquire.

Where we create space rather than fill it with stuff.

The key to creating a fulfilling life is building our foundation on joy and decorating it occasionally with pleasure. We can appreciate it for what it is – a temporary moment to appreciate fully and not become attached to.


36 comments on “Moments of Pleasure and a Life Filled with Joy

  1. I had never thought about it before, but it appears I am a joy seeker. Not to don’t enjoy pleasurable moments which arise! 🙂

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  2. Val, yes, I think we become more and more aware of the transience of things as we age.


  3. This was a new way to see these Val, now I need to think 😉


  4. Like the jewel on our foreheads that we so often fail to notice.


  5. a firm foundation!
    i can stand for that 🙂


  6. Thanks for contributing to my joy, Val.

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  7. Simple pleasures are life’s treasures.

    If I am cold, I take pleasure in the warmth of the sun. If I am hungry, I savor every delicious morsel of a food. When I am tired, I take pleasure from climbing into a warm bed. When I am stiff, I find pleasure in stretching and exercising.

    Mindfully enjoying transient pleasures (food, shelter, clothing, companionship, hot showers, exercise) helps us access the joy within.

    As long as we’re paying attention.


    • I really like this Nancy. 🙂
      When we are mindful of the transient pleasure of the senses… we can access the constant joy that is within us.


  8. I think of both pleasure and joy as short-term and coming (as you say) from either external or internal sources. On the other hand long-term “happiness” we seek from external sources (other things / people / experiences / achievements) compared to contentment which comes from within.


    • Thank you for sharing your perspective Elizabeth. I love it.
      For me joy equates with contentment too. Joy doesn’t need to be euphoric … its more like an accepting contented knowing that all is well… and will be no matter what.
      You got it 🙂

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  9. I agree that as i have aged, i have turned from seeking pleasure to seeking joy, and I feel better about me and the world around me because of it!

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  10. C.C. and I went for a beautiful walk in the winter sunshine today. The sky was blue, the air crisp. We held hands as we walked and greeted the people we met with smiles and stops to visit with puppy dogs. I stopped and took photos of the mountains in the distance and joy filled my being with its beautiful melody.

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder Val of what it means to live with joy rising from my heart to embrace my world.

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  11. Thank you for this post Val and differentiating between joy and pleasure. I have always felt an inner contentment (joy) but I am glad for the last line here because I love the pleasure of an occasional tropical trip!
    Diana xo


  12. Another consideration in this thoughtful vein, Val: “They were seeking out the treasure of their destiny without actually wanting to live out their destiny.” ~Paulo Coelho

    To live in and out of joy could well be our destiny.


  13. Joy within us always there to connect to! A wonderful thought and something to be grateful for at all times. Thankyou Lovely Val 🙂


  14. I suspect Val that life is about our state of being. Happiness is a state of being that internal and external activities don’t affect because it is based on choice, not experiences. It is always in us and surrounding us and is actually us. We ARE love, and love is the ultimate state of happiness.


  15. This is perfect, thank you Val. x ❤


  16. A lovely post! I think we become more aware of joy as we grow older…


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