We have an amazing ability to change our thinking and ourselves … but it can be tantalizingly difficult to do so!

Why? Because our own thinking and beliefs get in the way.

One way of looking at this is to turn to science and then think of yourself as a human magnet.you are a magnet

You attract what you think about. You become your thoughts.

Take a moment to consider: “Are my dominant thoughts serving me, holding me back or making me miserable?”…

Neuroscience research shows that we can create new neural pathways in our brain that change our thinking to support our well being and happiness.

⊕  The more we think negative thoughts, the more these neural pathways will be reinforced, and the more we will struggle with them. 

⊕  The more we think positive thoughts the more these neural pathways will be reinforced and the better we will feel.

what you think you become Let go of judgments about how things should be.
Let go of conditioning that tells us the best way to see the world.
Be open to how you want to feel.

Ask yourself: “Do I want to feel like this?” “What thinking do I really want to reinforce”?

In a world where reality is created by our thoughts, when we change our thinking we can watch and experience a new reality unfold.

We can reinforce these neural pathways with practice…. and feel so much better for it 🙂

Choose to take positive actions: Listen to inspiring music … Sing along … Pharrel Willimas - HappyGet your body and senses involved so the cell memory can also reinforce the positive element … Walk in nature … Cuddle … Listen to a TED talk or inspirational meditation CD … Read a book that inspires you and creates positive thoughts and feelings … Be around inspiring and happy people … Actively choose how you want to feel and what to attract more of.

I’m not advocating trying to escape challenging feelings and discomfort. They are a natural part of the highs and lows of life. Its your choice. When you notice your thinking is caught in a negative spiral, come into the present moment, pause and reframe.

This is life in balance.

Let it be a mindful choice what you want to attract and how you want to be in life.




36 comments on “* You are a Human Magnet

  1. I love this post Val! ♥ Happy! 🙂


  2. HAPPY!! What an awesome post Val – let be happy and raise the vibration of all the world . . . shall we, love? 🙂 🙂

    Namaste ~ Allison xo


  3. We are not only what we eat but what we think! Guess we better watch all things that enter through the head, ha! Letting go of judgments and conditioning often takes reminder, but being aware of what I’m doing is a good first step.


    • Never thought about what we put in our heads Suz … I like it! Reminders on self awareness are always welcome though.
      There really isn’t an end or final designation, its an ongoing journey which, hopefully, gets easier and easier.
      Thank you for adding to the conversation Suz.


  4. Simple in concept, but challenging in application. Like any other skill (writing, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument), if we wish to become proficient, we must practice, practice, practice.

    It is in the doing that we become.


  5. waitingforprincecharming

    Wonderful post, thank you.


  6. A powerful post Val, one that needs to be absorbed whilst suspending the very thing under discussion – the tone of one’s current thought states. Unless we do so, we respond to the message from a polarised perspective, so to speak. Negativity and positivity repel each other like magnets, do they not? H ❤


  7. I agree….one hundred percent!!! And then when they say how many thoughts we have a day that we are not even aware of…..ugh!! But…like you said, Val…we attract more of what we think. So if we can try to become aware of more and more of our thoughts…and change them to positive….then the likelihood of the ones we are not aware of will be moved by that positive energy! Love this post. Thanks, Val ❤


  8. Thank you Lorrie for the 100% support and positive energy ❤
    So true, it all begins with self awareness … and kindness.


  9. Great post for this time of year!


  10. What fabulous questions Val! Living in the question is such a beautiful challenge — and your questions create such fabulous opportunities to be present to the possibility of ‘what is possible’ when we let go of scripting negative answers!


    • Thank you Louise! The question that creates an inner shift for me is “Do I really want to feel like this?” Especially helpful when I’m holding on to anger or resentment!
      Val x


  11. My Affirmations board on Pinterest is my 2nd favorite board, but I’ve been big on positive thinking and manifestation for years and years! I AM is the most powerful statement, and I am happy! I am well! I am peaceful! 😉


  12. wonderful thoughts to have Val. I especially love the first picture. how powerful we are! What a great aura.


  13. I’m a big believer in this concept and have seen it manifested in my own life time and again . Great post Val, thanks for the reminder! x


  14. Thanks for the reminder not to be too hard on myself. 🙂


  15. Your words are a beacon of good sense!


  16. Whenever I seem to be attracting unwanted experiences, I always stop, slow down and reassess. It helps immensely in changing my direction and allowing my magnetic pull towards more flowing and easy situations. A great reminder today Val. 🙂


    • I love this idea of checking in with our inner compass … and allowing the pull towards flowing and easy situations! Thank you Karen for sharing this perspective!


  17. Beautiful and timely reminder, Val. I’m working on it, but sometimes forget to reassess my thinking when I should. Such is life, work in progress.


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