* Reminder – love one another

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to love one another.

love each other
Its so easy to forget. We get caught up in our own stuff – thoughts, fears, habits, distractions …

We drift.

We take each other for granted.

We forget to express our appreciation or say a word of thanks.

Its human to forget.

Yet taking anything for granted is a deadening thing.

There are many ways that we can bring our relationships to life once more, by expressing our love for one an other. Here are some of the simplest:

Send love through our eyes to see the best in each other.

Send love in our tone of voice.

Send love with a gentle touch.

Send love through our ears by listening.

Send love by the words we choose.

A word of love and understanding reconnects us all.


23 Comments on “* Reminder – love one another

  1. “taking anything for granted is a deadening thing”

    Just to let you know Val, this has been the theme of my entire day today, reminding myself not to take anything for granted. Now here I am, at ten minutes before midnight, and you post the very same message! H ❀

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    • What a powerful reminder for today Hariod. So glad I was able to reinforce it πŸ™‚
      I really appreciate your being here in the connectivity of cyberspace and sharing a serendipitous moment πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s very hard sometimes, Val . . . when you’re related by blood but separated by anger / hurt / pride . . . and heaven only knows what else.

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      • Thanks Bee; it’s not as serious as elsewhere, I’m quite sure; but still, it goes deep. Yes, we can and must (only) do our best. Thank-you for bringing your compassionate heart into Blogworld. Cheers!

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