fern in winter

a question mark
waving in the wind,
holding to the fetal curl
and the safety of the winter womb.
not the gentle
kiss of sun,
nor stream voice,
can coax
that frond
to unfurl
one single moment
before it does.

Danna Faulds from “Go In and In” Poems from the Heart of Yoga

May we all connect to our intuitive wisdom and unfurl at the right time.


15 comments on “* Inspiration – Waiting for Safety

  1. Yes, nature has her own timing. Lovely.

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  2. This is SO correct. We need to stay curled up sometimes. That is when we are doing the preparatory work for the unveiling of our magnificence.
    Marvellous poem!

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  3. …not the gentle kiss of the sun…

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  4. Amen Val! May we all unfurl at the right time. ❤
    Diana xo

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  5. I love this poem. It is exactly how life unfolds. 🙂 Thanks Val

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  6. A lovely observation Val, with several meanings layered into it 🙂


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