* Be Kind with your Practice

coming home to now

“Living in the now is a natural practice, because the present moment is the natural state. We’re always in the now, even if we don’t totally know it.
If we are remembering the past, where does that take place except in the now through present awareness? If we are thinking about the future, we are doing our planning and thinking now.

We are always in the present no matter how scattered and distracted we may be to the now and maintaining awareness is like coming home to ourselves.”

Lama Surya Das from “Awakening to the Sacred”

Whenever we become aware that our mind is going over things from the past or leaping into the future, we bring attention back to the present moment.

How many of us then scold ourselves for not being fully present, instead of thanking ourselves for bringing it to our attention…

Let go of being perfect and embrace this moment of awareness.

Be kind with your practice.

10 thoughts on “* Be Kind with your Practice

  1. This is a wonderful way to approach it. I find also when I’m being what I consider judgmental I am thankful I am aware of it rather than scolding myself; I use it as a reminder to try to do better.

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  2. Val, sometimes I reflect on the past and find it a beautiful thing, but I’m knowingly doing it. I think I’ve got to that point where I’m able to discern when such a reflection on the past is negative or essentially positive. I find great joy in that kind of discernment.

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