The words we choose in our thinking, our speech and our writing, have an impact on how we feel and our ability to heal.


Have you ever noticed how a word can bring up a certain feeling inside of you? A sensation, a thought or an emotion?

Choosing a word that connects with your heart and soul can be not only uplifting, but also brings physical well being.

If you have a few moments, let’s explore.

Take your time as you connect to each of the words below. Go slowly. You can say them out loud:

Pause here and close your eyes. What is alive in you in this moment? Is there a warmth, softening, a feeling of tenderness or love perhaps? How is your breathing? Are you smiling? (me too!) Notice how these words manifest themselves in your mind body and spirit.

pauseNow take a deep breath and take the same time connecting to each of these words:
Pause here and close your eyes. What is alive in you in this moment? Is there tension or constriction or heaviness perhaps? How is your breathing? Notice how these words manifest themselves in your mind body and spirit.

pauseIn general when it is a word associate with lack, dis-ease, suffering or violence, our body responds by becoming tense, our breath shallows and there is resistance.

In western medicine when there is resistance in our body it leads to inflammation, and increases our level of stress. These are both proven factors for disease.

I believe in western medicine, but I also believe that when there is constriction and tension our life energy contracts as well and a part of inner state becomes blocked. This impacts our emotional and physical wellness.

In yoga, when the life energy (prana) is blocked it can be released with postures, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. In Chinese medicine these blockages in Chi can be released through acupuncture.

pause and listen to your body

No matter what we believe in our minds, our body has its own kind of intelligence.

Listen to your body’s wisdom.

Be mindful of your thoughts and your words. Your body is always listening!

25 comments on “Listen to Your Body – its Listening to You

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    You make a good point. I’ve always noticed that certain words have a huge emotional effect on me. I use these “upsets” to discover “what wants to be heard” in order to reveal the hurts hiding inside of me. Hope you’re enjoying Scotland.


  2. Sometimes I meditate on PEACE. Other times on LOVE and GRATITUDE. Way more uplifting than rolling around in toxic sludge.

    We been experimenting with acupuncture this year with good results ~ better neck for me, better back for BFF.


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  4. Did you know you can’t say the word bubbles without feeling great?


  5. What a fabulous exercise. I love how the first list moved me into that place of peace. I went back to it so that I could reclaim the softness and gentleness.


  6. I believe this is true as well. When I have negative thoughts or anxiety, I try to stop, take a deep breath and start thinking of the things I’m grateful for. There is a verse in the bible that says something like, ‘..whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is holy…think on these things…
    Diana xo


  7. Great one Val! I find certain words during meditation help me to access my inner peace – words like surrender, willingness and forgive. Thank you for this exercise! Words are so important 🙂

    Peace always ~ Allison xo


  8. Excellent post, Val. Words have so much more “power” than we realize, even when they seem innocuous. I used to say, “What a kick…” when talking about people or things that interested me until the day I literally got kicked by a horse and was terribly injured. I learned then to be careful about the words I use – casually or otherwise. Add some emotion to our words and we’re really dealing with power.

    Have your read the books by Masaru Emoto about his experiments with the effects of words on the formation of water crystals? Pretty interesting reading.


    • I almost mentioned Hidden Messages in Water too, J! Great minds think alike.

      I also almost mentioned this proverb:

      A meditation master was asked to heal a sick child by saying a few prayers. A skeptic scoffed at the idea that words could have such power.

      The master replied, “What do you know? You’re an ignorant fool.”

      Enraged, the skeptic shook with anger, “How dare you call me an ignorant fool!”

      The master nodded and smiled, “If so few words have the power to anger you, why should they not have the power to heal as well?”


    • Its so fascinating J! Thank you for sharing. Val x


  9. Great post, Val.


  10. You are correct. the words we say are SO important to our feelings; and the most important one of all is PAUSE. It can make all the difference.


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