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Inspiration – Accepting the Whole of our Experience

“The real reason why human life can be so utterly exasperating and frustrating is not because there are facts called death, pain, fear, or hunger. The madness of the thing is that when such facts are present, we circle, buzz, writhe, and whirl, trying…

The Power of Empathy

Enjoy this re-post about the power of empathy, especially in difficult relationships. oooOooo One of our fundamental needs as human beings is to be heard and to be accepted as we are. Take a moment to recall a time where you were going through…

Moving into Stillness

“Stillness is not the absence or negation of energy, life, or movement. Stillness is dynamic. It is unconflicted movement, life in harmony with itself, skill in action. It can be experienced whenever there is total, uninhibited, unconflicted participation in the moment you are in—when…

Boost Your Karma for the New Year

  Boosting your Karma is a choice. As you move towards the New Year and new possibilities, why not choose kindness and connection. Watch what happens! This is such a cool list to share 🙂 Keep your word. Show respect to everyone you encounter….

Meditation – Finding an Anchor that Works for You

A lot has been written in the past few years about Mindfulness Meditation.  This Buddhist based practice has become popular here in the west through the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program founded by Jon Kabat Zinn. Research clearly shows that meditating changes the…

The Secret of Happiness – Alan Watts

non attachment

A re-post this morning for all of us who could do with seeing a bigger perspective. oo0O0oo I do admire Alan Watts and his edgy take on our awakening to what is real and what matters. Don’t hold on too hard. Learn to let…

Thoughts on Incessant Thinking

tangles nets

This is a re-blog of an earlier post. I dedicate it to all of us who are getting tangled up in our thinking today. oo0O0oo In the highs and lows of life do you find yourself stuck in over analyzing and incessant thinking? When…

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