The Secret of Happiness – Alan Watts

A re-post this morning for all of us who could do with seeing a bigger perspective.


I do admire Alan Watts and his edgy take on our awakening to what is real and what matters.

Don’t hold on too hard.

Learn to let go and let be.

Be curious, open and enjoy this lip licking life!

Turning life on its head lets us see what we all share that really matters.


39 thoughts on “The Secret of Happiness – Alan Watts

  1. I love Alan Watts too Val, always great wisdom he says “complete participation but at the same time detachment” a work in progress, for me but do believe this is the secret to life. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you Karen! The more I come back to him the more meaning I seem to get from his words. I’m also re-reading the Yoga Sutras and finding some wonderful insights that make sense in new ways…. like practice and non attachment as the core principles for yoga and for life. When we come back to great minds and philosophies, we keep enriching ourselves.

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  2. I’ll chime in with Nancy. Not only when to let go…..but how to let go. I know that when it feels as if some aspect of your life is clinging to you rather than you clinging to it, the ego has become a trickster, but those critters are tenacious.

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  4. Alan Watts is one of my true hero’s. He speaks a lot about the “rigging of our common sense.”
    Once I dove into this concept, first introduced to me by Alan, so many things began to fall into place – only once I truly let go of previous beliefs about life and existence.
    Mr Watts is a legend in my mind.

    Thank you for posting this. Great stuff.

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  5. I often listen to the teachings of Alan Watts, his humour and his philosophy make so much sense to me.. To live in the moment, for the moment is all we have, it is the only true moment we live.. ❤
    Thank you Val.

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  6. I’m sorry but I can’t quite grasp the thought of people who let go of material things being poor in spirit? In my understanding, it’s quite the opposite. Those who are spiritually rich are the ones who give little to no care about materialism.

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      • Hi Val, I don’t want to sound sarcastic but I just want to understand how being poor in spirit is a good thing? I’m just really a curious spirit looking to understand life and your previous post has touched me to the core. ♥ Alan Watts’ words on the video touched me too then I got confused at the last part because it contradicts everything that I’m building now, and that’s becoming rich in spirit. I found it to be very calming and enlightening and I’ve slowly let go of my materialistic desires. And I am not talking about religion or anything, just my spirit. Thanks Val. ♥

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        • Watts explains “poor”in spirit as not being attached to anything in the material realm. It isn’t about lacking in spirit, more of an attitude of having less rather than more. It can seem a contradiction the way it is phrased. Trust your ❤️


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