Boost Your Karma for the New Year



Boosting your Karma is a choice. As you move towards the New Year and new possibilities, why not choose kindness and connection. Watch what happens!

This is such a cool list to share πŸ™‚

  1. Keep your word.
  2. Show respect to everyone you encounter.
  3. Be a good friend.
  4. Look for the best in everyone.
  5. Show forgiveness.
  6. Be kind.
  7. When you make a mistake say β€œI’m sorry.”
  8. Pour out your love when someone asks for it.
  9. Put your children’s needs before your own.
  10. When someone is speaking to you, be fully present. Listen.
  11. Learn to love yourself a little more each day.
  12. Show your spirit.
  13. Don’t be cruel with your words.
  14. Be grateful for exactly what you have.
  15. Share your wisdom with those who ask for it.
  16. Donate what you don’t need.
  17. Help keep the Earth beautiful; don’t litter, and recycle.
  18. Look behind you, stop and hold the door open for others.
  19. Savor every moment.
  20. Smile more; frown less.
  21. Expect life to be good.
  22. Do the right thing (even when no one is watching).
  23. Give five compliments a day.
  24. Breathe. Relax. Feel. Watch. Allow.
  25. Share your inspiration when someone needs a lift.
  26. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t allow them to define who you are now.
  27. Avoid temptation when it’s calling to you.
  28. Kiss your partner every day.
  29. Share your faith.
  30. Be the beautiful you.

Looking over the list, #27 leaps out at me. We still haven’t eaten our Christmas Pudding. Its definitely calling my name πŸ˜‰

Blogging has been a wonderful way for me to share good karma throughout the year.

Thank you all dear readers and friends for sharing your kindness and connection, and bringing out the best in me and your readers.

What goes around comes around.


45 thoughts on “Boost Your Karma for the New Year

  1. Thanks for all your words of wisdom over the past year, Val.
    (and yes, Temptation is calling to me also, but I did manage to give the rest of the chocolates to my elderly Father on Christmas Day to take home).

    #7 has always been important to me, but I often think of the times I said I was sorry while still working (for something that wasn’t my fault OR had nothing to do with me) merely to keep the peace and make someone happy or feeling better and able to move on past their anger. Not sure I really should have said sorry for other people’s mistakes. Anyway, its in the past now and what’s important is happening today at this very minute, not the past or the future.

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    • Thanks Vicki. It isn’t about the list, so much as what comes up when we read it. Honest self reflection is powerful. Thank you for being here this past year. May you and I continue on our growth and connect in the new year πŸ’•

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    • Me too Dave. Instead we went out for Chinese and stopped by the ice cream store Handel’s for a heath bar hurricane. At 20 degrees…. yes we did!
      This is the season to lose all sense, be a bit crazy 😜 and embrace our senses.

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  2. Wag more, bark less.
    Want good karma? Do good.
    Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring blog, over the year (s), Val. I so enjoy you! Happy New Year! I look forward to more sharing of our journeys in 2018. ❀

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  3. Thanks for all the inspiration this past year, Val. Your blog is a beacon of calm, light and introspection, and this Karma list is no exception. Be mindful and always aspire to be the best version of you that you can be, that’s my takeaway! On to 2018!!

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  4. Such a wonderful List dear Val, and I agree with you, Thank you for sharing your wonderful positive Karma with us here on WP dear Val.. Sending LOVE and Blessings to you for a most Wonderful Happy 2018 πŸ™‚ Love and Blessings my friend xx ❀

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  5. Ohhhh #27 is one of my worst, too. *lol* This is a fantastic list, though, and while I can see several I’m already doing or practicing, I see a few others I’d like to do more of.

    I might just have to print this list out – or copy it into a journal. Either will do. πŸ™‚

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Val!

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