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What you Resist Persists

This is a such a simple, yet powerful message that I keep coming back to again and again. Today I decided to set aside time to understand the WordPress block editor instead of resisting it and clinging to the old version.

“What you resist persists.” Carl Jung

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This is a such a simple, yet powerful message that I keep coming back to again and again. Today I decided to set aside time to understand the WordPress block editor instead of resisting it and clinging to the old version.

Have you noticed when others have been caught in this struggle with what is happening? Have you noticed it in yourself?

When we want “what is” to be different, we are resisting. The more we resist, deny, criticize, complain and fight the truth … the more internal struggle we will have.

A part of us is conditioned to resist what’s happening to us, especially when things don’t go the way we had wanted. We don’t accept the feelings of annoyance, disappointment, hurt, sadness or distress that come up, and we want them to go away.

We want things to be the same as they were before. A part of us still thinks that by resisting, the uncomfortable feelings will go away but they won’t. They will become stronger, and can take over our minds, and cause a lot of suffering.

So, this is what I have to say to you:

Recognize if there is a situation in your life that you are resisting or denying is happening.

Ask yourself. “Am I ready to face this now?” If it isn’t the right time, that’s okay. Keep coming back to it until you are ready.

If it is something that is very upsetting, center yourself with slow deep breaths. Perhaps bring a hand onto your belly and another above your heart center.

Feel that sense of touch, and perhaps the connection to your inner self. The part of you that is hurting right now.

Recognizing when we are resisting is a powerful practice. At the beginning we may wonder what the big deal is …. after all resisting feels normal … until we are able to see that resisting is a conditioned response that has become as habit.  A habit that brings us suffering.

  • Let go of how you expected things to be.
  • Take control of what you CAN do to keep moving forward.
  • Make space for it.
  • Don’t hold on to anger or blame others. This will only cause you more hurt.
  • Embrace the highs and lows of life as they come along, and go with the ever changing flow of life.

And now you have a choice.

36 comments on “What you Resist Persists

  1. Wow! You really embraced the block editor.
    I have ‘accepted’ it. I can’t say I’ve embraced it but seeing how you’ve created all those different formats… wow! Now I’m inspired to embrace it all!

    Like life. Sometimes we need a little help from our friends to step outside our comfort zones!

    Thanks Val!

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    • When we lighten up around the little things, we can have fun. When it goes deeper we can transform ourselves. Guidance is always welcome 🙏
      So glad this inspired you Louise 💛


  2. Thanks so much for today’s post, Val. I’ve been struggling with a few unwanted happenings in my life and realize I need to accept them and let the universe do it’s thing. So appreciate what you do, Val.

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    • Thank you Pat for sharing. 💕This is a fundamental wisdom that helps us with the superficial stuff, yet is so powerful for deeper understanding and reasoning with reality and what the universe brings us. Take care 🙏


  3. And then throw the block editor in the bin 😂 🤣

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  4. Lol. Clearly you gave up your resistance, Val! When I finally did… I found out that it wasn’t as bad as I dreaded. All that anxiety for nothing. 😀

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  5. thank you for this, Val.

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  6. Learning curves, as well as sudden changes, are definitely places I meet initially with resistance. (‘Slow to adapt!’) Eckhard Tolle has helped me see how useless resistance is and I hope I’m getting better at moving out of it more quickly than I used to. My body certainly feels better when I do!

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  7. I really like the block editor although so many bloggers seem to be struggling with it. As for resistance…yep…notice it in overt and subtle ways. It seems over the years it becomes easier to see the subtle ways it is appearing. I like your idea about asking if we’re ready to face it and then be OK if it’s not yet time.

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  8. Often my resistance has been unconscious, so my mind would say ‘yes’ of course I want that,’ but my inner belief system would say, ‘no, you don’t deserve that,’ once we understand this conflict within and heal it, we can flow into the abundance of life!! It’s def worth the work. Great post Val 👏💚

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  9. It’s interesting because I’ve been embracing and allowing what is lately. Now for the block editor format, I’ve used it from the onset but it’s not as easy as I would like it be. Am I still in resistance? 😝

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  10. Excellent post, Val! I found a way around the block editor to use the classic one. And it is SO true what you resist does yes persist. The KEY is to flow as you figure out how to stop resisting, change what we can, and accept that which we do not have the power to change. Loved this post. Thank you!! xo

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  11. A sound advocacy for acceptance

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  12. Thank you, Val. I find this very helpful, especially in regards to the way I view this pandemic. Once I accept the situation, I find it so much easier to cope with!

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  13. Learning to accept things as they are . . . even if things are not as we wish them to be . . . saves us boatloads of inner turmoil!

    It is what it is
    Whatever will be, will be
    Que sera, sera

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  14. Ah, Val, you speak of something that many of us struggle with right now…resistance. Your gentle address is timely and much appreciated.

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  15. A lovely reminder and delicious practice. Thank you, Val.

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  16. Very relevant post and I agree with you. You have explained it so effectively. Trying to escape, deny or resist never works. Everything keeps coming back until we learn what it needs to teach us. Taking personal responsibility empowers us to make choices and change our situations.

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  17. Wonderful post, yet again, Val. “Am I ready to face this now?” If it isn’t the right time, that’s okay. Keep coming back to it until you are ready… such wise, and perfect words as we enter the last month of this rather eventful year!

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