* Yoga’s Reach

nature within yoga

Photo by Victor Tondee Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It is a wonder
how a simple stretch
deepens breath,
and an elegantly held pose
grows to touch the
whole of me.

Like sugar stirred into tea,
the potency
of yoga spreads
from body into mind
and heart, revealing
an ocean of energy
that heals and opens,

holds me close
and sets me free
all in the same moment
~ Danna Faulds. Taken from “From Root to Bloom”

This is a wonderful time to open, stretch, breathe and melt,  like sugar stirred into tea. 😊

Thanks to Danna Faulds for this inspiration.

33 thoughts on “* Yoga’s Reach

    • I expect you could hear him from where you are too! You both made me chuckle this morning. I’m off to teach and get a few of those creaks out for myself and others!


  1. Val I miss my yoga, after having a melanoma and seven stitches in my back (thankful they found it in time). I have been told no yoga until my stitches come out next week. I am feeling flat and I guess it gives me pause as to how much the yoga has changed my daily life. The poem is beautiful, thanks for sharing it. Can’t wait to get back into stretching. The meditation comes better after moving and stretching.

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  2. Thank you Val I am amazed at how important the breathing is, I never got it when I was young and tried to push my body to do all the hard stuff. Now I am in a class with a fabulous teacher who has taught me its all about the breath and its not a competition. You do what you can do and remember to be present in that moment. May I ask if you have any meditations for an active mind at night time?

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    • Thank you Kath for sharing here πŸ’›
      When my mind is active at night my go-to practice is a mantra meditation with my breath. I take conscious diaphragmatic breaths and say to myself “I inhale peace” “I exhale release”… After a while, as I relax and let go on the exhales, I allow the breath to be more natural and it becomes a gentle slow wave of “peace…release”.
      I usually nod of to this.
      Some people also like the sound of waves to soothe and release at bedtime.

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  3. Beautiful inspiring post, thank you for sharing. Yoga is such a great journey that I am sometimes laking words to describe the consciousness and the feelings it reveals. Chat son xx.

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