dawn awaken

Gentle awakening before dawn

Lingering tranquil shades of grey

Enveloping warmth 

Soft familiar smells

Breathing it all in

Light probing gently

Easing slowly into the day

Knowing you are home

is the most precious way to be

37 comments on “* Awakening Before Dawn

  1. Love this! You captured the magic of early morning beautifully.

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  2. Breathing it all in. That is presence Val. Beautiful post 😍

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  3. Beautifully conveyed, Val.

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  4. Very nice, Val!
    For some reason, I’ve started becoming a morning person, and have discovered some of what you’ve captured in your words.
    Thank you.

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  5. It is a great metaphor for this time of awakening. Fits beautifully for today.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Ahhhhh.

    Breathing it in.

    Thank you.

    Peace embraces me.

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  7. This is sooo beautiful, Val…

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  8. Ahhh Val. Beautiful ♥

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  9. Carol Ferenc

    Lovely. This is how every day should begin.

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  10. Hi Val, so peaceful poem, knowing that our loved ones are safe at home is the best award we can have.

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  11. All I might add to this most perfect of poems, is:

    Knowing you are home
    is the most precious way to be
    Hearing the gentle breathing of your deeply loved dog
    The warmth of this most special bond
    This is home way beyond
    one’s most precious dream.

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  12. Welcome Home Val, and today’s Dawn light is all the brighter with you safely returned 🙂 I hope you have had a wonderful holiday 🙂 sending Hugs.. Sue xx ❤ Sue

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  13. Those are wonderful moments , Val! Beautiful!

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  14. “Knowing you are home is the most precious way to be”

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  15. Lovely…Truly Lovely!

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  16. Reblogged this on Find Your Middle Ground and commented:

    I’m back home. This morning, as I floated in that in between time of darkness to light and all the shades of dawn, I recalled this post.
    Its good to be back 💛


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