* Inspiration – the time is ripe

The time is ripe.
Before the pause of winter notice the shifting winds, perspectives and possibilities. 
Flowers bloom on lengthy stems reaching for the light.
Bees seize quickly the last of the nectar.
Crickets chirp loudly looking for connection.
Spiders create luminous webs to capture and inspire. 
Sunshine becomes luminous in the low sky, casting intriguing shadows and patterns of light.

There is an expansion of energy as nature rises in her glorious maturity, and we step in to harvest and enjoy her generous bounty.

Its a time to celebrate… feed our souls… and bring about the changes we yearn for in our lives.

27 Comments on “* Inspiration – the time is ripe

  1. Lovely seasonal tribute – and how I love Vivaldi! Have you heard Max Richter’s version of the Four Seasons? I like it even better than the original (with all due respect to the Red Priest). 🙂

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  2. Exquisite imagery in your words Val, and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a great favourite of mine – grossly maligned purely for its ubiquity, it remains a sublime piece of music and icon of Western art. H ❤

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  3. When I saw your profile, I knew we had something in common. About 30 years ago I came over from Holland. Actually just to study:) The four seasons of Vivialdi was the first LP I owned as a teen!


  4. Val, Loved this post.. it speaks of how nature harvests in all the colour, sustenance and enjoys the last golden moments of the Sun, I have been observing the same here in the UK 🙂
    Wishing you a perfect weekend.. October here has been remarkably warm 🙂 I have been making the most of it 🙂
    Love and Blessings Sue ❤

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