* Shade Garden

shade garden

Soothing creams and white

Sitting on a quilt of green

A shadow Presence

13 Comments on “* Shade Garden

  1. My favorite plants in our landscaping are variegated. That lovely cream color simply shines next to its green partner. Gardening is one of my passions…since I’m on summer break from my job in education…..I’m thrilled to be outside every single day…digging, planting, trimming………and searching out those massive zucchini’s that always seem to lurk in the shade of oversized leaves!


    • The earth, work, nurturing and creativity are a powerful mixture. Perhaps that’s why we both are drawn to it so much.
      I haven’t had a vegetable garden here in the USA . I’m thinking it will be perfect when Don retires. We can have abundance together … and he can take of the infrastructure while I nurture the beautiful outcomes 🙂


      • Good plan. That’s how we worked it here at Willow Hill. My hubby built the raised beds, and I tend to them. Right now, I’m in garden heaven since I’m off for a 6 week summer break


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