This is a re-post I found inspiring to me today. Take time to find your middle ground and come home to your Self.



I used to think that when I was out of integrity I was not walking my own talk and my thoughts were not in alignment with my beliefs and values.
That when my thinking and actions weren’t aligned, I was letting myself down in some away, and not honoring my best self.
And then I woke up and experienced it as something more.

The signs of being out of integrity were the same. For me, its an icky uncomfortable feeling in my gut. I’ve come to recognize this as my unconscious letting me know that something isn’t right. There is something to discover within.

When this feeling happens I ask myself two questions and then listen for an answer.

1. Am I feeling fearful? ….I didn’t defect any fear. There were no anxious thoughts or worries.

2. Am I out of integrity?…. and I couldn’t see anything “wrong”. I wasn’t letting myself down by being out of alignment with my thoughts and actions. Usually there’s something that comes up –  like avoiding exercise, over eating, trying to get out of a commitment I regretted having made, or feeling bad because I was snippy with someone when I was focused elsewhere. This time it made no sense whatsoever. But there was no “bad” deed or self denial to be dug up and exposed.

So what was going on?

I decided to set aside time to be with myself for yoga and meditation. I moved gently and then simply sat. Being fully present and open to see what would show up.

As I did, I felt a gentle wave of warm loving energy and a softening around my heart. A small voice without words seemed to say “Ah here you are. I’ve missed you.”

The well intentioned judge disappeared and was replaced by pure loving kindness. I gave it space to be and to grow. It moved through my very being. Enfolding me and nurturing my spirit.

My realization is this:

Before I would judge myself as in some way as being “wrong”, and then I would make it “right” by changing how I was behaving or thinking. My judge is well intentioned, but sees things as right or wrong and can be very critical.

When we let go of the judge, a loving connection with ourselves can seed itself and grow. Harmony is found again and everything is aligned once more with life and the world.

Now I know that when I am out of integrity then I am not taking time to be kind to myself.

It’s not about changing my thinking and actions, its about opening my heart and connecting to my Self.


31 comments on “Being Out of Integrity

  1. So fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

    Peace, always.


  2. Wow! How powerful!

    I was talking to a friend today who was feeling very snowed in and overwhelmed, and I told her that I’ve had to teach myself to stop, physically and mentally, when I have those feelings and take stock. Stop and just stand there, just be IN the moment and breathe. This post is a good reminder that we all can use quiet moments in the day to let love and joy enter and connect with ourselves.


  3. How insightful Val! I love how self-aware you are. ❤
    Diana xo


  4. Really a great post Val, I will try to do the same next time I have this feeling. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Beautiful post, Val. Glad you found your way back to the middle ground.


  6. A great post Val. I warm to Your last paragraph…”It’s not about…” 🙂


  7. This resonates very strongly, Val. I’ve always felt a need to keep thoughts and actions aligned ~ writing or walking in soothing places is my way!


  8. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    My husband and I were just talking about judging ourselves. We tend to overlook ourselves much too often in applying compassion. I love that you have resonated our discussion here. (PS I get vertigo too….it’s another learning experience!)


    • Thanks for sharing here! love synchronicity at work 🙂
      This was my first vertigo experience with a sinus infection …. it was indeed a learning experience. A big thing was when I realized how fast I usually moved!
      Val x


  9. This post really made me think about those feelings I have sometimes that I could have done things better than I did. (The judge). Your method of self-compassion and self-acceptance is enlightening.


    • Thank you Elizabeth. When we judge past actions it can become a ball and chain to the past, and prevent us from being fully in the present. Becoming a compassionate observer lets us open our heart to self kindness and accepting our flaws and own humanity.
      Val x


  10. So hum…sending you peace and joy Val ✌️💛

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  11. I so appreciate your wise and welcome reminders, Val. ❤ Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  12. I can relate. Past gates opened, walking forward in more self love and acceptance. 🙏💕


  13. Words of wisdom!


  14. an introspection i can benefit from, Val!
    i’m not used to considering the notion
    of integrity by i’ll sit with it today
    and let it play with my smile 🙂


  15. Great inspiration, Val! Thanks for sharing!


  16. Val, what profound and insightful thoughts, thank you for your wisdom my friend.. I think I needed to read this post this evening, MUCH love my friend and thank you ❤


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