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“Tension is inevitable when we live a lie and try to appear different from how we actually are. We don’t want to appear vulnerable or needy. We don’t trust that we are fundamentally enough as we are, even with our struggles and shortcomings….
We unknowingly adopt a mask and mistake it for our real face, assuming that our chronically tense and armored body is natural.
It is normal, perhaps, but not natural”

~ John J Prendergast. Taken from “In Touch”

Most of us assume that tension is normal. When we recognize it, we also know that releasing it makes us feel better. Perhaps we go for a massage or attend a restorative yoga class. We feel better afterwards.  Yet the tension always comes back.

What if the tension we feel is more than the everyday stressors of a busy demanding life, a bad boss or sitting too long at the computer?
What if taking time to understand and connect to our body opens up new meaning about our relationship with it, and gives us a deeper knowing?

In John Prendergast’s book “In Touch” he explores the wisdom and intelligence of the body and how we can literally feel authenticity in ourselves and others. I am a big fan of his work and how he guides people to a place of inner knowing and attunement with their body, mind and spirit.

Next time, you notice tension. Ask yourself “Am I being true to myself or could I be wearing a mask?”
There may be more work to be done than an occasional massages and yoga class.
Getting to know and understand the intelligence of our body, releasing the tension, and relieving stress every day is the best gift you can give yourself for living authentically and being well.


21 comments on “Tension and Being Authentic

  1. Such great advice, Val ❤


  2. Thanks Val, I found the Feldenkrais Method was very good for discovering tensions in myself that I didn’t realise I was holding. Well, that and conventional body mindfulness, of course. H ❤


  3. Sounds like a great book Val and it’s so true. 🙂


  4. It is a sad thing that continuous tension is considered ‘normal’ or acceptable. I think of it as a silent killer and want none of it!


  5. “Am I being true to myself or could I be wearing a mask?”
    That is a wonderful check-in question Val. Being authentic is such a liberating feeling 🙂


  6. Am I wearing a mask?? Very important question to ask of ourselves as we enter the stressful holiday season. Thanks, Val.


  7. To be me, or not to be me . . .
    C’est moi!


  8. Such a wonderful message! The people at the meeting’s body language says it all. When I retired, I vowed No More Meetings!


  9. beautiful and inspirational as always! thankyou! i started feeling the difference when i took off the mask. its not easy to do but it changes everything! the energy that was consumed to maintain that persona before is now put to more productive and healthy things and i have more energy to spend and good things because now most of it is saved from wasting to maintain that false persona! 🙂


  10. “It is normal but perhaps not natural”. So true.

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  11. Denzil @ Life Sentences

    I think there is a series of blog posts here Val! It’s such a wide subject. Something I have been identifying in my life recently is the tension that arises through cognitive dissonance. In my case, (trying to) believe or being required to believe certain religious doctrines while knowing deep down that I just do not believe them any longer. The relief in acknowledging that and walking away is incredibly liberating. Thanks for your article.

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    • Thank you Denzil for sharing this. When we notice dissonance or resistance within us, its an opportunity to become our true selves. John Prendergast’s book is is rich and full!

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  12. Ah! Val!! Now there’s food for thought. Timely, for me…as usual 😉 Thank you for your truth and authenticity…and your friendship and support 💜 Many blessings…lots of love!

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  13. Sounds like an interesting book, Val. Thanks so much for this post.


  14. Thanks for the great book tips, Val.

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  15. Being true to yourself is the only way to live. I have found any other way just brings much pain.

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