* Life Isn’t Personal

unfolding universe

The universe continues to unfold in each moment

Let it

You don’t have to control or hold on to anything

Just take time to pause and listen to your inner wisdom

Trust it’s soft voice

Mistakes and challenges have helped you grow into who you are today

Embrace whatever happens, knowing that you will continue to learn and grow

Nothing has gone wrong

Life continues in its highs and lows

Don’t take it personally

We are all in this together


70 Comments on “* Life Isn’t Personal

  1. Beautiful words, Val and I love the image! I love the fractal spiral unfolding. The unfolding Universe.

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  2. Wonderful teachings Val, Yes we are all in this together, May we all learn and grow .. Such truth in your words.. and a fantastic image that fitted perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love your inspiration..
    Blessings Sue โค

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  3. Thank you for this reminder! Puts me in mind of Ajahn Sumedho’s “Don’t Take Your Life Personally” and The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Have a wonderful day, Val!

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      • Of course, it’s hard to re-cognize the gold when we’ve just learned that a loved one has cancer, or that a friend has died, or that our child has been molested, bullied, or killed by a sniper at school.

        After commenting here, I saw Linda’s post about her mother’s cancer. Compassion for her anguish kept me from echoing my thoughts here.

        “Anything can be a gift of gold in disguise” . . . but at times we are too distraught to mine for the gold.

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        • I hear you Nancy … yet, time can also help us see things more deeply and differently, even with a cancer diagnosis. When I was with my Mum in September she looked at me and said “There is more to life that shoes”. I said “Yes! Or even handbags Mum”
          We are all where we are on the road of life. Sometimes the toughest times bring an appreciation for life and what we have. It can be a wake up all wherever you find yourself on the path. โค๏ธ There is good for us all….

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  4. Val!!!
    These are not simple words.
    They are simply the best.
    For one to understand.
    If understood, nothing like that.
    They boost life itself.
    I have been lately writing some poetry.
    Impressed by people like you.
    Wont you read them.

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    • Sunny, thank you for being such a loving supporter and human being. Isn’t it great we share all of this together … ๐Ÿ˜Š


  5. “Nothing has gone wrong” – I love that line; it brings a smile to my face. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are such funny little creatures, fretting constantly about what, when and how things may, or may not, ‘go wrong’. H โค

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  6. Much needed words for me today, Val. Thank you for the reminder. โค
    "Mistakes and challenges have helped you grow into who you are today
    Embrace whatever happens, knowing that you will continue to learn and grow"

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  7. Sage advice Val. As I love my life I see that there is nothing to regret from days gone by as they have all taken me to this beautiful place. Without each and everyone of them, I would be living a life that is altogether different.

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    • Its always a timely reminder for me too Elizabeth. We do tend to get ahead of ourselves and the universe sometimes.. when we notice, its time for a pause. Thank you!

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  8. So much wisdom in your words, Val. It’s funny how we forget, and try to control things that are unfolding at their own pace. Just to get frustrated or disappointed. Trust and patience are two words I need to remember ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you Tiny! We all forget and appreciate gentle reminders along the way. It seems to be the way of humans.
      We are so lucky to have people who are sharing a similar path ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. I think this is a very hard lesson to learn in life. So many times, I have caught myself taking comments or lack of comments personally. Our minds are very powerful and the more I live from my heart, the easier it becomes. Beautiful Val, worth waiting for.

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