*Mantra for Today – stepping out of our comfort zone

This mantra is for when you find yourself holding back because you are taking on something new or stepping out of your comfort zone. You may be afraid of how you will be received, or how others will perceive you.

This is my “go to” mantra before having a difficult conversation, meeting new people, or stepping out into the unknown.

Instead of reacting to the fear by withdrawing or becoming tense and protective, this reminds me to open up and embrace the situation instead. It is my favorite!

waiting for courage






overcome fear

Compassion for myself and others. Open my heart to our common humanity. We all get nervous when we face the unknown and stretch ourselves. We are all human beings looking for reassurance and safety.

Curiosity about others. What is important to them? What do they care about? We are unique and interesting human beings, and we all want to be acknowledged and accepted just the way we are.

Connection. We are all human beings looking for love and understanding. Within each of us is a divine spark that already connects us in spirit.

When the heart opens, and the mind lets go, fear disappears.

When we live from this place of love, there is no fear, only connection.


35 thoughts on “*Mantra for Today – stepping out of our comfort zone

  1. Ugh. I’ve been fighting a cold, and it’s the Ladies Game Night tonight, all the ladies from the church get together and play games, and the last one I went to was a hoot, but I was just sitting here thinking how I didn’t want to go, I don’t know many people, I’d have to drive, and listing all of the reasons not to attend, when really, I’m just shy and it’s a struggle to get me to go anywhere.. and then YOU POST THIS!!
    I’m going, I’m going!!
    Seriously, Namaste Val.

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    • Interesting how the meaning of words “self conscious” can be interpreted 1. being conscious of ourselves in relationship to others … and 2. connecting to our inner consciousness.
      I had to take a double take there Nancy 🙂


  2. The mantra is inspiring Val. It is so important to be able to operate smoothly outside our comfort zone. That is where all learning occurs.

    If I may be so bold, I might add one more word to your list of words starting with “C”. Confidence. Confidence that our comfort zone is the home of all we have previously learned and mastered. A great inventory of skills lives there, some of which have been our “go to” means of staying safe and even thriving. To know they are there gives us confidence to venture off the proven path and navigate through new challenges.

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