* Breathe from your Middle Ground

I am recovering from a lingering cold which has zapped the energy for several days. Today I’m finally breathing better and feeling more like my self again. It makes me appreciate my ability to breathe even more!

I’ve written before about how our breath is connected with our wellbeing and emotional state. Noticing how we are breathing is a tool that we can use to monitor how we are doing.

There is an other pause that comes with our breath which is also revealing. The pause at the end of the exhale before we take in more air. When we are distracted, stressed or in an anxious state, there is no pause. We don’t trust we have enough air Β and we don’t allow ourself to relax and let go.

Just take a moment to tune into how you are breathing right now. Just notice without judgment.

Breathe and relax

Pausing at the end of an exhale can only happen when we are relaxed and in tune with our mind and body. When our body and mind are aligned in the present moment.

This is what I do to check in with myself. Its a great yardstick on my level of relaxation to life in that moment.

Are you rushing in the air and holding on before letting go? Gasping in!

Are you afraid to let go on the exhale? Holding on!

Or are you aware of a special silent space. This is when you realize that there is no rush… Where you can rest in this pause that takes you past the fear of not enough to the realization that there is more than enough. This is often a place of struggle … which can be transformed to a place of peace and inner expansion.

Its impossible to try to do it. It requires being relaxed and open to let it happen.

To become relaxed, take several full diaphragmatic breaths. Breath in through your nose and let yourself release with a sigh on the exhale.

Keep breathing deeply.

Allow your shoulders to relax. Allow your belly to soften.

Release effort and allow your body to absorb the energy and nourishment.

Notice any tension and imagine sending your breath there to let it release and flow.

Imagine you are softening your whole body and mind … almost like melting.

Now see if you can allow yourself to pause and rest at the end of the exhale… without any effort whatsoever.

Just for a moment, be with this stillness and spaciousness. Trust that it is always within you.



40 thoughts on “* Breathe from your Middle Ground

  1. Attention to breath is one of those great “go to” mindfulness tools. I’m glad your own breath is on the mend. Thanks for another lovely post on staying in the moment.

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  2. Excellent advice. For the last few weeks I have been using a biofeedback unit that through guiding one to breathe in harmony with a musical phrase allows one to slow the whole body down. Down to about 4.8 breaths per minute. It really underlines how slow one’s breathing rate can be and, supporting your post, the glorious pauses after each inhale and exhale.

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  3. Great post, as usual, Val! I’m happy you are feeling a bit better. Please come to the west coast of FL…maybe we could meet up, Nancy and I are not too far from each other here πŸ™‚

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