Do you know how are you breathing right now?

Take a moment and simply notice your breath. Perhaps place your hand on your navel and the other above your heart.  Notice the movement as you inhale and exhale.

breath awareness

We breathe in and we breathe out. And for the most part we take it completely for granted.
Until something happens such as asthma, a cold, allergies or worse. When we notice it is difficult to breathe we appreciate it so much more.

How we breathe is not only a reflection of the health of our lungs, but also a reflection on how we live our life.

Did you know that our breath is connected to our emotional state?

When we feel:

Panic – It is short, fast, shallow breaths. Trying to get more air in by speeding up.

Anxious – It is shallow breaths seeking more reassuring air.

Tense – We hold onto the inhaled air, pausing at the top of the inhale before we let it be released, sometimes with a sigh.

Anger – It is long forced inhales and exhales. Fueling the flames like a bellows.

Calm – It is slow and steady breaths becoming shallower with relaxation.

Happy – It is long inhalations and long exhalations. Slowing it all down.

Did you also know we can change our emotional state by changing our breath? We can bring mindful awareness to our breath and create the emotional state that we seek.

Practitioners of Meditation and Yoga have done this for millennia – using awareness of the breath to come into the present moment, and bring about a more relaxed and centered state of being.

Science shows that when we slow the breath it signals to the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system that everything is well. No need to be on guard … its okay to relax and restore your natural balance.

So if we want to alleviate stress and become calm, slowing the breath works!

Try counting between 4 to 6 in your mind for each inhale and exhale. It can really make a difference. Why not set aside a few minutes and try it for yourself. It may feel awkward and take some practice but your body, mind and emotions will thank you for it.

Bringing awareness to our breathing is such a valuable guide to how we live our lives in that moment. With awareness of this comes choice. Please click here to explore more about your breath.

If you want to live your life fully then practice breathing fully.


33 comments on “* Your Breath is How you Live your Life

  1. Perfect, Val! So true. I am a very shallow breather and when I practiced yoga I think that that breathing was huge in centering me! Your reminder here is not lost! ❤ ❤


  2. Just as smiling is an instant mood boost . . . so too do our emotions flow from our breathing. For people whose minds are filled with monkey chatter, mindful breathing is the furthest thing from their mind.

    Here’s to remaining in the flow of life . . . breath by breath.


  3. Lorrie is right, so true… as she said your (very helpful) reminder here is not lost and since I’m just repeating what she said… ♥♥


  4. Carrie Cannady

    Reblogged this on Lead Our Lives and commented:
    Dear ones, this post contains some useful – yes, useful right now – information on breathing. We take this for granted, yet it is one of our greatest tools for leading our best life, a moment at a time. Thank you, Val for this timely information.



    • Thank you Carrie! May we all breathe well today 🙂


      • Carrie Cannady

        Indeed, dear Val. I appreciated the simple detail about the different ways we breathe. Often if we are not aware of what we are feeling, our breathing can can be a doorway into that feeling…and a deeper awareness of our ability to center ourselves and choose a different way of being, Thank you for this week written piece. 🙂


  5. I’ve done this since well before I had ever heard of mindful breathing! Now, I love that I’m more aware and can use it more to my benefit! Great post!


  6. Yoga has taught me deep slow belly breathing. When I become anxious my breath moves into my chest and makes my anxiety even worse. Thank you for this post. It is needed. Love, Amy


    • Thank you Amy for sharing your experience and the benefits of yoga breathing. ❤ ❤
      Knowing we can use our breath as a tool for our emotional wellbeing is very empowering.
      Val x


      • I agree. When you become aware of your breath, you really do empower yourself. There is a song I listen to at time with the words said over and over again …. “Breath is the Life”. How very true!! Love, Amy

        Liked by 1 person

  7. The wonderful sanctuary that is mindfulness of breathing! It is such a tremendous well-spring of emotional solace, a place within that never can desert us and is always present as a safe haven in times of trouble.

    Marvellous words Val.

    Hariod. ❤


    • It is a sanctuary and a tool. A sanctuary for peace and transformation. A tool for living fully through the highs and lows of life in this world. 🙂
      Thank you Hariod. ❤


  8. I think I’ve told you this before Val, so forgive my repetition. As a child I instinctively knew that if I slowed my breathing when I was in a panic or afraid, it would calm me down. Doing this is one of my earliest memories. 😀
    Diana xo


  9. Oh, Val, you’re giving away all the “secrets”! 🙂
    All those teachers, gurus, doctors, coaches, counselors, and workshop leaders might get mad at you. Once people learn to notice their breathing, they won’t have as much stress and then will need less of these various sage’s services.
    I’m only half-kidding, because it really is that simple, yet being the humans we are, most of us can benefit from support and reminders.


    • Thank you Vincent! ((belly laugh)) I guess I forgot to package it, brand it and market it; call myself an expert, write a book and try to get on Oprah to become famous … Although I know a few folks who do 🙂
      Maybe that’s what happens we we come to a place of truth and knowing, rather than seeking and validating.
      The answer is simple … and its taken me many years to realize it.


  10. Healing Grief

    Great reminder Val, the answer is simple, connecting to the breath changes every mood.


  11. I need reminding of how to breathe, DAILY, being a chronic shallow breather. Thanks so much, Val. Tomorrow I’ll try to remember on my own. 😉


  12. Reading this forced me to be mindful of my breathing this morning and i will try to continue this throughout the day and remind my Mom who is battling a disease.


    • I’m glad this was a timely reminder for you. As we get older its easy to take the world on our shoulders. Taking in a deep breath and letting ourselves sigh can be a nice release. Even better if you can lift your shoulders up to your ears on the inhale and them release them down and away from your ears on the exhale. You may want to try this with your mom.
      Val x


  13. So good Val! As a person with asthma, I am always aware of my breathing (and thankful I can breathe), but I sometimes forget to practice it in a mindful way, so thanks for the reminder today! ❤


  14. Wonderful post, Val. Thank you.


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