*Ego and the Small Pool

As part of my explorations into ego and persona … I came across this froggy perspective!

frog in pond

“The power of ego is like a little pool. In that pool, an egotistical person lives like a frog – his world is small, his borders insecure, and from this perspective, only his own thoughts, feelings, and voice seem to be meaningful.
But the power of will springs from the inner Self, from pure Being.
It infuses the mind and body with enthusiasm, courage, and ever-growing curiosity to know, and the energy to act.”

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
The Himalayan Institute

May we all recognize our own ribbit chatter and access our wellspring of  pure Being.

Thinks … when I hear politicians I can’t help but visualize this pool … No disrespect intended towards frogs.

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