* Soft Landings and Reflections

It is taking me some time to fully transition into being home.

Stepping out of my daily routine and into an inspiring and nourishing environment feeds the soul… And it brings a new perspective on things I have taken for granted.

It feels like I am seeing things with new eyes.

So interesting on so many levels! My husband looks more handsome; my dogs, more woolly and excitable; my garden, more messy and beautiful; the sunshine pouring in through my office window, divine; the friends reaching out, heart warming.

The need to get things back into a state of order has softened. Its hard to get motivated to be “doing” when I’d rather keep “being”.

Don’t we all want to have that kind of nourishing balance in our lives?…

woman reflecting

When we find our Middle Ground and get to hang out in it, over time it becomes more that simply a break from our busy and hectic life. It transforms us from the inside out.

It can bring fresh awareness to how life really is and precious insights into our own relationship with the outer world and our inner world.

Having let go … I question whether I need to hold on so much.

Having been away … I appreciate so much more of what is here.

I bring new knowledge and wisdom to share with others. Right now I’m letting it settle into my being. There is no rush.

In this moment, it doesn’t get better than this 🙂

My heart is filled with gratitude. ❤



16 Comments on “* Soft Landings and Reflections

  1. The bliss of the quietened mind? It is wonderful how tranquillity enlivens the senses Val, and how engagements with others is so deeply enriched resultantly. I am very pleased for you!

    Hariod ❤


  2. Love this questionning…. Having let go … I question whether I need to hold on so much.

    So nourishing!

    Thanks for the reminder today Val to simply be present and allow what is to be what is.


  3. Don’t we all want to have that kind of nourishing balance in our lives?… YES!!!!

    Val, I just realized this is how I feel when I’m on vacation. This is when I really practice being. This is when everything and everyone looks better to me and I am even more grateful for my life and every thing and one in it.

    Diana xo

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  4. I used to think I needed to get away to find that balance and peace Val and now through practice I realise I can be in that place more often, simply by where my thoughts and beliefs are each day. Thanks for sharing.


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