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* Insights from my Kripalu YTT 500 Teacher Training – Mod 4

When I was at Kripalu last week I met amazing teachers from the world of physical therapy, structural therapy and nursing, as well as wonderful yogis who teach and inspire a diverse range of people.

You don’t have to be fit, flexible and under 40 to do yoga or enjoy all its benefits! But it is important to find a teacher with experience and skill to avoid injury or making your condition worse… That is why I attended this module.

I have acquired more knowledge and skills for safely teaching people of all sizes; those recovering from illness; moms-to-be; kids; seniors and people with disabilities; people impacted by trauma, depression or anxiety and a large population of shoulder and back pain sufferers. For the yogis out there I also learned about how to support people in rebalancing their doshas and bringing mind body and spirit into harmony.

Val's yoga class

This module was called Teaching Special Population Groups, but it seems to me that most people I come across fall into the one or more of the above categories.  The norm is in fact special. I like that 🙂

The main theme was to support whoever comes into a yoga class with compassion and skill.

The supporting theme that became evident early on is that sitting is bad for your health and well being. We are a chair culture and it isn’t doing our bodies any good.

Lee Albert said that sitting is the new smoking! Its bad for everyone’s health. If you want to find out more about his perspective as an Integrated Positional Therapist, then there are lots of tips on his website.

Our bodies were built for walking, squatting and lying down. Sitting on a chair or in the drivers seat for extended periods of time creates misalignments that lead to chronic back pain and shoulder issues, as well as other health problems.  Specific yoga poses can counteract this … and lead to better alignment and healthy backs and shoulders.

Yoga has its roots in spirituality and the journey to oneness, but it has evolved into an amazing tool box full of tools that can support every body in bringing peace of mind and physical well being.

I feel grounded in this knowing, yet am excited to share these new perspectives with my yoga peeps.

22 comments on “* Insights from my Kripalu YTT 500 Teacher Training – Mod 4

  1. I LOVE my Yoga/Pilates/TaiChi class. I try to go 3 times a week. It has brought such a sense of power back within me again, and another Gift as well. Everything I do has begun to be easy with flow. I really have stepped into that Flow that I feel in class. This is changing my life, Val!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Thanks for the link to Lee’s tips ~ excellent! Glad that you are more able to work with those of varying abilities as a result of the training.


  3. Thank you for sharing such an interesting experience! I like your conclusion:
    “Yoga has its roots in spirituality and the journey to oneness, but it has evolved into an amazing tool box full of tools that can support every body in bringing peace of mind and physical well being.”.
    The journey to oneness… there are so many ways! :-)♥


  4. Great post Val 😉
    Yoga is good for us and we can practice when we wish to.


  5. Healing Grief

    Yoga is my hero, love hearing about new ways to use it and understand it better.


  6. Love that point about the ‘norm’ being special. Great starting point for practically everything!


  7. I have to say that you were right, and finding the right teacher makes a difference, and I’m so glad that you are growing stronger in your practice to help others, because as someone who needs to modify many of the poses, there is nothing better than the teacher that offers the modification with love and compassion and no judgement.


  8. Wow Val, that whole sitting thing is an eye-opener, we do sit a lot!
    Diana xo

    What about just standing?. I am the most uncomfortable when I’m standing in one place or walking with a slow walker, it begins to hurt my back.


    • We are made to move Diana 🙂 I can’t stand for long or walk slowly either. A combination of gravity over time and misalignment from sitting can stress the body.
      Keep rocking and rolling D ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Great insights and a beautiful post, Val! I’ve recently realized the perils of sitting and now I’m so much more on the move…and feel tons better 🙂


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