* Back from Kripalu Yoga Training


spider web

I thought I needed to disconnect. To let go.

Gosh – that sounds pretty earnest, doesn’t it.

I realize that so many of us hold on to the need to disconnect so much…

What I found was a real  opportunity to step back… and then take some delicious time for myself to help me serve others. The weather was also wonderful, with crisp mornings and a warm sun and brilliant blue skies during the day. What a treat 🙂

Going to Kripalu gave me an expanding and supportive opportunity to be with my true self, and learn from some very skilled teachers and amazing fellow students. I melded into a  community focused on  the art and science of  yoga …  and living, loving and being in the world. My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation!

light spider web

And  now I come back refreshed, nourished, and inspired.  Expanded and stretched in mind body and soul. Think of a spider web that meets the light of the early sun, glistening and connecting to the world around it. Pretty cool!

And then add a large practical tool box of expertise to serve and support our aging population, people recovering from surgery, illness, and chronic back pain sufferers. As well as pre natal moms-to-be and people with bodies of all sizes. And of course, peeps needing to relax and pause from their busy, multi tasked demanding lives.

Wow – I learned a lot  and it affirmed so much 🙂

All of this will take a few days to integrate and absorb.

Thank you for holding this space for me. It is precious… as are you ❤





23 Comments on “* Back from Kripalu Yoga Training

  1. Welcome back Val. What a wonderful experience to energize you and feed your soul. Sounds great.


  2. As Karen said, welcome back Val! “I come back refreshed, nourished, and inspired”, you also say that you “learned a lot”: I’m looking forward to reading your next posts.
    PS; in my garden there are many spider and spide webs… your pictures are beautiful! ♥


  3. I’ve been to Kripalu a few times. I love it there. The grounds are wonderful, the yoga classes superb and the meditations so inspiring. So, I can well imagine that you came back refreshed, inspired and nourished. What a gift for yourself and for all of us in your blogging community! 🙂

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    • Thank you Fiona for stopping by with your kind comment. it’s been a journey some time in the making and it seems to be all coming together now. 🙂
      Val x


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