This is a Time for Kind Sight

As we come to the end of the year, it’s natural to reflect on the year that has gone by, as well as to look forward to the new year ahead. This is a time for “kind sight” once again.looking backBelow are two journalling exercises to explore, now that the rush of the Holidays is over. I like to think of this as a Middle Ground pause. A time for being present, reflecting and allowing your inner wisdom to inspire you for whatever comes next.

Take a few moments to let yourself get settled and comfortable. Start by reflecting with “kind sight”on the past year. “Kind sight” means being kind to yourself, instead of being critical or judging. With “kind sight” we are able to see mistakes as lessons, and life’s challenges as times of resiliency and personal growth. 

Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers:

Looking back on 2019…

  • What was a highlight?
  • What was a lowlight?
  • What was a surprise?
  • What do I feel proud of?
  • What do I feel grateful for?
  • What did I learn (or am still learning) from either the highlights or lowlights?

    Some people do a month by month reflection, while others evaluate important areas in their lives. (For example – career, family, health, hobbies, learning, contribution, spirituality, travel, environment, self-care, personal growth)

Once you’ve reflected on 2019, write a Future Gratitude Letter:

letter to myselfThis is a letter to yourself written a year in advance, describing all the things that you are grateful for during the year. Start with the date December 31 2019 and address it to yourself.
Include who you’ve become and what you now have or are moving towards.  Be careful not to include anything that feels like a “have to” goal or something that you “should” achieve.

This is a letter of “kind sight” for the year ahead. The key is in the energy.  If your energy feels uplifted when you think about the things you’re grateful for in a year’s time, then you are tapping into your own passion and inner wisdom.
This can be a revealing and inspiring process, letting the creative juices and intention begin it’s journey.

Life is like … Paper

close up photo of book pages

Photo by Ravi Kant on

Life is Like Paper

It is made by human beings

It is blank to begin with

Over time people leave their marks on it

It captures our stories and beliefs, as well as our creativity and expression

It can be strong, yet pliable

It has many uses and can be moulded

It can transform

It can be recycled

It can disintegrate slowly over time or go up in flames in a moment

When its gone, the stories and memories stay with us.










Don’t Diss the “Dis”

Listen for what you need.

How come when we feel discomfort we don’t give it comfort.

When we have disease we don’t give ourselves ease.

Its like what we “dis” we DISS”.

Today, and every day day, be kind.

Don’t diss the dis.




Reflection – Winter and Self Inquiry

blanket of snow

“Even with its storms, winter is the quietest time of year. There is nothing like the quiet after a storm. If you have had the privilege of being in the mountains right after a snowfall when there’s no wind, nothing moving, the snow is sucking up every sound, and you hear a deep silence everywhere, you know how potent this silence is.

In a real sense, self-inquiry is a spiritual induced form of wintertime. It’s not about looking for a right answer so much as stripping away and letting you see what is not necessary, what you can do without, what you are without your leaves.

In human beings, we do not call these leaves. We call them ideas, concepts, attachments, and conditioning. All of this forms your identity. Wouldn’t it be terrible if the trees outside identified themselves by their leaves? These are very flimsy things to be attached to.”

~ Adyashanti

Winter allows us to bring our attention inwards.

To reflect and let go of what we no longer need.

In this space we see that ideas are transitory and habits limit us.

May we navigate the storms and begin to let go.

Freedom is waiting.

Reflection – Live your Own Life

quietly refecting

These words came to me in a conversation yesterday with someone who feels she must rescue her adult daughter from a difficult marriage and challenging home situation.

“You cannot live her life for her.

Can you let her live her life?

… and live your own life?”

Perhaps you can relate to this if you are a parent.

Although I am not a parent, these words settled in deeply, and I too realized that I have not been living my own life here and now.

I’ve been living life in the context of “When Don is better”.. or “if Don isn’t here”.

We must all live our lives fully. It is ours to live, just as it is. In the present.

I realized that I have been living with a mindset of “after cancer”.  Yet, the reality is that there is only living with cancer. By living for an unknown future, I have set aside the present and haven’t lived it fully.

When our mind is set elsewhere, the present become a means to an end. Yet the “end” is only a creation in our mind. We miss out on living life as it is.

It doesn’t mean that we should live in a passive way, or give up on life. Quite the contrary.

We don’t know what the future holds, but right now can be wonderful when we pay attention to it… and live it just as it is.



Take a moment to reflect.

“Are you living your own life as it is? … or setting it aside for someone else? … or perhaps living for an unknown future?”

And the question I now ask myself is “How can I be more present with myself and those I love?”


p.s. Don’s latest scan shows he is in remission. The next will be at the end of April.

No matter what is going in in your life, fully live and love in the moment you are in.

*If I Had To Do It All Over Again

This poem was shared at a time of reflection during my Kripalu YTT500 Module. It really brought lightness and a fresh perspective to a time that could have been pretty serious and intense. Nadine Stair lives in Kentucky. Age 85 she was asked what she would do differently if you got to live her life all over again. This is what she said:

pick more daisies

If I had my life to live over again,
I’d try to make more mistakes next time.
I’d relax. I’d limber up.
I would be crazier. I would be less hygienic.
I’d be sillier than I’ve been this trip.

I would take fewer things seriously.
I would take more chances, I would take more trips.
I would climb more mountains, swim more rivers,
and watch more sunsets.
I would burn more gasoline. I would eat more ice cream and less beans.
I would, perhaps, have more actual troubles but fewer imaginary ones.
You see, I’m one of those people who was sensible and sane,
hour after hour, day after day.

Oh, I’ve had my moments.
If I had to do it over again, I’d have more of them.
In fact, I’d try to have nothing else- just moments,
one after another, instead of living so many years ahead each day.
I’ve been one of those persons who never goes anywhere without a thermometer, a hot-water bottle, a raincoat, and a parachute.

If I could do it again, I would travel lighter than I have.
If I had to live my life over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring
and stay that way later in the fall.
I would play hooky more. I would’t make such good grades
except by accident
I would ride more merry-go-rounds,

I would pick more daisies!

– Nadine Stair


This is dedicated to my dear coaching clients who are becoming true to themselves and lightening up along the way 💌

* Existence – Alan Watts Inspiration

Are you ready for some wonderful images and radical insights from Alan Watts?  I really enjoy his mind opening perspectives!

Why not join me and take a few moments to pause and reflect on this.

Existence is relationship … and you are smack in the middle of it!

* Back from Kripalu Yoga Training


spider web

I thought I needed to disconnect. To let go.

Gosh – that sounds pretty earnest, doesn’t it.

I realize that so many of us hold on to the need to disconnect so much…

What I found was a real  opportunity to step back… and then take some delicious time for myself to help me serve others. The weather was also wonderful, with crisp mornings and a warm sun and brilliant blue skies during the day. What a treat 🙂

Going to Kripalu gave me an expanding and supportive opportunity to be with my true self, and learn from some very skilled teachers and amazing fellow students. I melded into a  community focused on  the art and science of  yoga …  and living, loving and being in the world. My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation!

light spider web

And  now I come back refreshed, nourished, and inspired.  Expanded and stretched in mind body and soul. Think of a spider web that meets the light of the early sun, glistening and connecting to the world around it. Pretty cool!

And then add a large practical tool box of expertise to serve and support our aging population, people recovering from surgery, illness, and chronic back pain sufferers. As well as pre natal moms-to-be and people with bodies of all sizes. And of course, peeps needing to relax and pause from their busy, multi tasked demanding lives.

Wow – I learned a lot  and it affirmed so much 🙂

All of this will take a few days to integrate and absorb.

Thank you for holding this space for me. It is precious… as are you ❤