* Off the Path

In the pendulum of life Β … when we find ourselves off our path

woman off her path


every moment is an opportunity to re-commit

Don’t let your thinking get you down and disconnect you from what matters most


you are not your thinking

and the past is over

Let go of the thoughts and come into the present moment

The only moment is now

Connect with the spark within that is your guide and shining light on the path

girl walking on her path

And keep going – one step at a time.



29 thoughts on “* Off the Path

  1. Beautiful Val, such sage advice! When you say pendulum…I had this vision of it swinging here, between fellow bloggers…the way we support when our fellow friends are down….and then there is always a chance to return the support…the pendulum swings the other way! I am so grateful that we have found each other, and that you have been such an amazing fountain of strength! I hope you know if you ever need…the pendulum will swing the other way!! ❀


  2. I too like ‘you are not your thinking’ — when my daughter would get into her dark moments I would tell her — don’t believe everything you think — ’cause sometimes, our thinkin’ is stinkin’! πŸ™‚

    I love that last photo — so sweet and promising and filled with possibility!


    • Thank you Louise! I love this photo too…. After I got over my “Where is her family?… What’s she doing out there by herself?”… and realize it is a photo that inspires thinking feelings and stories!
      Val x


  3. Yes! Living in the past will not produce the tranquility, stillness, and balance we need to live life with passion. No matter how or where we lost our way, the path is here, now ~ leading us on to the life of our dreams.

    When we reclaim a calm, centered way of living that refreshes and restores us, our sense of life balance returns. We stop looking over our shoulders and allow life to unfold. We tune out the past and tune in to the present.

    There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue these. ~ Michael Nolan


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