As I look forward to teaching tomorrow morning, I recalled an inspiring quote from Michael Stone. This is the yoga practice that I feel most connected to and am drawn to share with others.

being still in nature

“Yoga is timeless. This does not mean it is eternal or ephemeral, but simply available, always in each unfolding moment, when we settle into the essence of who we are. 

The great questions of life and death are settled in the stillness of the mind and the direct actions of a self unfettered by itself.

River GangesA seeming paradox at first, the yoga practitioner is nothing other that the vast range of the universe…. The essence of the body is discovered to be nothing other than the great rivers of the earth, the vast sky, and the winds of the breath.


We practice in whatever conditions we find courageous yoga poseourselves: depressed, flowing, polluted, clear, transparent, slow or thick as mud.”

Michael Stone from “The Inner Tradition of Yoga”


19 comments on “* Yoga is Timeless

  1. This is precisely how I (intend to) practice. Yoga allows me to, when I allow it to, just be present with what is happening at the moment, whatever my body’s sensations and my mind’s thoughts might be. Thank you for sharing this today.


    • It is a practice that is always available to us. Yoga welcomes you and embraces you as if you’d never been away…. as you say, when we allow it to.
      May you find your way in your own time.
      No rush. No pressure. Just be with it.
      Val x


  2. I have been away from Yoga for too long, Val. It’s almost another form of self-punishment…not to do it! Beautiful post…timely reminder. ❤


  3. Healing Grief

    Yoga is timeless and has been my greatest gift to healing. Beautiful Val.



  4. OH! I am right there with Lorrie. I must go back to Yoga. I must. Thanking you as did Lorrie. Bless you. Love, Amy


  5. Amy, when the time is right for you and the teacher is there … you will be drawn to it again. No must’s or should’s required.
    Thank you for visiting ❤
    Val x


  6. I know that you will be a breath of peace and a blessing to those whom you teach tomorrow Val. 🙂
    Diana xo


  7. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    River, earth, sky, wind. Lovely, Val. So nice that you can feel a zest for your chosen career. We don’t have a yoga studio where I live, but somewhere in my dreams, when I retire, I might just start one.


  8. May we all get to turn what we love into our work in the next chapter 🙂


  9. Hope tomorrow’s class is filled with flow.


  10. I’ve been practicing yoga for almost fifteen years and I never get bored with it. Although the asanas are the same (more or less) they are always different. 🙂


  11. I love this! It’s how I am trying to view my practice, and making sure that I don’t come “polluted” to the mat – and it’s been great at keeping my world clean!


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