older woman looking in mirror

I just looked at myself in the mirror … and I thought “If I was a grandmother how good I would feel to my grandchild”.

My face has some characteristics of my Gran, and now as I head towards 60 my body has acquired some of the same softness in the body… and the eyes.

I recall how it felt to snuggle into her like a pillow … the warmth … the gentle rise and fall of her ample bosom….and the feeling of being absolutely safe and loved.

There was always a soothing smell that lingered here … perhaps from the lavender sachets in her underwear drawer or the Knights Castile soap or the Pan Drop mints she loved so much. You see, now she had dentures and didn’t have to worry about decay!

But she worried about her weight and was so hard on herself.

We all have the ability to give so much love to others … yet forget to give it to ourselves.

For the grandmothers out there who are post menopausal and are looking at the mirror,  struggling with your weight, getting frustrated and blaming yourself. Please, please let it all go. Its just a body image. It happens with age!

grandmother hug

You are so much more that the bunch of cells, minerals and bags of water you see in front of you, or the judgments and labels in your thinking!

Focus on being healthy and being there for those kids.

Give yourself a break and remember there are some little ones (and not so little ones) who love you just the way you are.

Your body, heart and soul will always be such a precious gift!


Val x

p.s. Yes, this message isn’t just for grandmothers 😉

27 comments on “* Inspiration – for Grandmothers

  1. Carrie Cannady

    There is such freedom in accepting the beautiful gift of our life…and knowing that our bodies are something we have. The light of our beauty is inside. I sense that you and I are alike in that we are not going to perpetuate the beliefs that our beloved grandmothers struggled with. 😉


  2. just lovely, thank you 🙂


  3. Love this post from two aspects. Firstly, to love myself. Secondly, the importance of extended family and indeed friends; knowing that that feeling of ‘being absolutely safe and loved’, came and now comes from many people in my life.
    That is a message to me to stop focussing on those who are not / did not give me that feeling and move on to those who do or did.
    Great post.


    • Sending you 2 fold thank you’s Elizabeth! Fill your heart and soul with the love that is here and now … not what has been lost with the past.
      Val x


  4. The message wasn’t just for grandmothers – but it did bring on some very fond memories of mine! 🙂 Thanks for that Val!


  5. Healing Grief

    Thankyou Val, a beautiful message for all women but especially to Mothers, to remind them to practice this for themselves so that their daughters and sons do not feel the same way or follow the same beliefs.



  6. Grandfathers too, without the lavender and the other stuff. 🙂


  7. Good message for those toting around a few extra pounds as they age. But I’m not sure that we should “let it all go” because it is not just about body image.

    Part of being healthy (at any age) is being at a healthy weight so that we minimize the risk of weight related illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Exercise and eating right is a good prescription for enjoying life for the duration.


    • Thanks Nancy. I wanted to be clear that it isn’t just about body image. That being healthy, loving ourselves and appreciating the gifts that we have are so precious.
      Val x


  8. Val, I really need to reach in to (((HUG))) you. I have been in tears today due to those (in-laws) who do not like me just because I am who I am. I as of this moment, am moving on. Closing the door. Looking into the mirror and saying how LUCKY I am to have those in my life NOW who LOVE me for who I am. Bless you for this post! Love, Amy


  9. Amen to those wise and practical words of yours Val. I must learn to be kinder to myself!


    • Barb – so many of us are on this path of kindness … I don’t think its just a Scottish thing either 😉 Thank for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


  10. Beautiful message of acceptance and love. That is one of the signs of health, I think 🙂


  11. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Loving message. Accepting ourselves as we are is not only a gift to the Being that we are, but it is a gift to our grandchildren. Lovingkindness spreads! I try to remind my little ones that they are perfect just the way they are…and I know that this comes from finally accepting myself just the way I am.


  12. Ahhhhh! Music to my ears Val! ❤


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