I have been a follower of Ihsan’s poetry over at  iithinks.wordpress.com and was delighted to buy and download his first book of poetry called Finally Back Home.

While he is on vacation I wanted to share a haiku from the book, which really resonated with me and touched my heart and soul.

In the highs and lows of life, this is for  all of us who are awaiting our season.

These words are yours, for you to drink Ihsan. ❤


waiting for your season
Your Season

Nature is patient

Surrenders expectations

Wait in gratitude


When the time arrives

Flowers blossom in beauty

Your season will come


16 comments on “* Inspiration – Your Season

  1. Beautiful Val…glad you shared his amazing poetry! ♥ I like Ihsan too.


  2. Beautiful!
    Diana xo


  3. Healing Grief

    “Wait in gratitude” instead of impatience! I think I might try that approach more often. Thanks for sharing Val.


  4. Wonderful words Val expressing deep truth. Freedom at the heart of it all.


  5. Thanks. This is beautiful.


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