A Gentle Spring Night

spring night
Fellow blogger Eliza Waters summed it up so nicely when she wrote about Ihsan’s poetry back in September 2014. I still miss his soulful offerings reminiscent of Rumi.

Follow the above link to read more of his posts … or better still, purchase his anthology from Amazon.com.

This poem seemed perfect for the gentle spring nights at this time of year.


A Gentle Spring Night

I walked on a gentle spring night
I saw a swimming star glide through the sky
It gazed at me in mid-flight, saying
Walk in the Light

I walked on a gentle spring night
I saw a dancing rose bloom a fresh smile
It greeted me in swaying, saying
Walk in Peace

I walked on a gentle spring night
I felt a gentle breeze brush by my ear
Whispering in still silence, saying
Walk in Truth

I walked on a gentle spring night
My soul came alive seeing God everywhere
Commanding me, in the gentle spring night

To walk in Love


~ Irfaan Ihsan Jaffer taken from Finally Back Home

* Where the Light Enters

This is one of my favorite poems from Ihsan over at iiThinks. This is taken from his book “Finally Back Home”. I love how these words lead us gently to the priceless treasure that is buried deep within us all.

shining into the dark

Where The Light Enters

Nature is a sacred text
Pages with the deepest Truths
Beyond all the outward forms
Lies the secret place of wisdom

Valuable things are buried deep
The ocean’s pearls and mountain’s gems
If you wish for worthy objects
You must brave the depths of darkness

Here is where the lesson lies
It’s the same with you and I
We must feel the hurt and pain
Campaign in the aching grief

Beyond all the crippling fear
Beyond all the violent tears
Unveiled is the greatest treasure
Nothing but your holy heart

So meet the dark with a smile
It’s a gift that knows no price
Priceless is the path
And each step that leads you in

Jaffer, Irfaan Ihsan (2014-07-20). Finally Back Home (Kindle Locations 741-743). . Kindle Edition.

Ihsan, Thank you for sharing Rumi today and letting us know you are well.
We miss you and your soul inspiring words ❤

* Inspiration – Your Season

I have been a follower of Ihsan’s poetry over at  iithinks.wordpress.com and was delighted to buy and download his first book of poetry called Finally Back Home.

While he is on vacation I wanted to share a haiku from the book, which really resonated with me and touched my heart and soul.

In the highs and lows of life, this is for  all of us who are awaiting our season.

These words are yours, for you to drink Ihsan. ❤


waiting for your season
Your Season

Nature is patient

Surrenders expectations

Wait in gratitude


When the time arrives

Flowers blossom in beauty

Your season will come