spring night
Fellow blogger Eliza Waters summed it up so nicely when she wrote about Ihsan’s poetry back in September 2014. I still miss his soulful offerings reminiscent of Rumi.

Follow the above link to read more of his posts … or better still, purchase his anthology from Amazon.com.

This poem seemed perfect for the gentle spring nights at this time of year.


A Gentle Spring Night

I walked on a gentle spring night
I saw a swimming star glide through the sky
It gazed at me in mid-flight, saying
Walk in the Light

I walked on a gentle spring night
I saw a dancing rose bloom a fresh smile
It greeted me in swaying, saying
Walk in Peace

I walked on a gentle spring night
I felt a gentle breeze brush by my ear
Whispering in still silence, saying
Walk in Truth

I walked on a gentle spring night
My soul came alive seeing God everywhere
Commanding me, in the gentle spring night

To walk in Love


~ Irfaan Ihsan Jaffer taken from Finally Back Home

18 comments on “A Gentle Spring Night

  1. Absolutely beautiful Val.

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  3. I am so glad I have his anthology, but how I wish he was still sharing his poetry on a daily basis. I miss his soul connection!

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  4. I remember Ishan, I miss his beautiful words. Thanks for sharing Val ❤

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  5. Beautiful poetry!


  6. Beautiful Val! Thank you.

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  7. Just catching up on reading, Val. I’ll probably have to leave those I’ve missed


  8. Thanks for the share Val. Like you, Eliza and many others, I miss Ihsan’s sweet soulful poetry.

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