I was thinking about the little rituals and moments that I have during my days that bring me back into the present moment. We don’t need to go on retreat or drive to a studio for group meditation or yoga. Although it is really beneficial to have a formal daily practice, it can be difficult to schedule in at times.

Having something to keep you on track can be very helpful.

It only takes a moment to come into the present.

mindful ladybug

… There you are 🙂

When we create rituals we bring more awareness into our days. When we are observers of ourselves we can step back and see possibilities, let go of what isn’t working for us, and make more conscious choices and decisions.

Pausing for a moment to connect with our inner being can make a huge difference to how our day unfolds.

Here are some daily rituals that remind me to check in with myself. I call these moments Mini Mindful Moments. MMM’s.
(Apologies to those that thought I was about to announce the next generation of M&M’s)


♥ As I wake up I notice my breathing. I take several deep breaths and allow myself 5 or more minutes to be right here before the need to get up. I ask: What can I look forward to in this day?

♥ Washing my hands with tender care using an aromatic foaming soap.

♥ Choosing specific music that signals meditation time. Its like Pavlov’s dogs … It takes me right there in an instant!

♥ Using the Chakra time mediation app on my smart phone. It goes off at 8 am and 1pm. An easy reminder to pause and breathe. Coming into the present moment.

♥ Listening to my own 2 minute mini meditation:

♥ I also ask myself these questions during the day:

Am I present?

Is my heart open or am I in my head?

What’s alive in me?

Do I need to take time for myself – a sacred pause?

 ♥ Using sticky notesQuestions to become present

Being conscious in the moment is freeing!

What MMM’s do you have that support you in being mindful and staying present during your day?

22 comments on “* MM Moments

  1. The two minute meditation audio was very relaxing, and I need to create a ritual like this to start my day off. Soak in the moment so to speak.
    I loved hearing your voice Val; it makes you even more real, if you know what I mean!


  2. Is that your voice Val?? Very soothing…I love your accent!
    Diana xo


  3. You know I struggle with yoga, but I’m happy to admit that I’ve done it every day for a week – I found a class (well, an online pod cast) and the teacher provides the modification options and so that has helped me learn the poses – and it has really helped me still my mind – so I’m working on MMM and while I’ve been stopping to make sure I’m Present in the Moment, this is helping me be more mindful of asking the question and bringing myself to the present more often!


    • WOW Kate!!! This is terrific 🙂
      Be careful, you may become a poster child for conversion to yoga ….lol ❤
      I'm so happy that you have found your mindful way!
      Sending you a virtual hug!
      Val xo


  4. I am able to stay grounded most of the day . . . merely by focusing on ONE task at a time ~ peeling a carrot, taking a sip of water, typing the next letter, and the next, and the next. The NOW is a pleasant place to be.


  5. Healing Grief

    Great Post Val and really encouraging practices. I love your post- it-note “Whats Alive in Me”, it reminds me that “I AM”


  6. Great ideas, Val. Thanks.


  7. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I can see that your day is sprinkled with mindfulness. What an encouraging message on how to find peace outside of meditation. My favorite note is, “What is alive in me?” I’m going to try this one at work tomorrow.


    • What is alive in me is very powerful … at any moment during the highs and lows of life.
      Good luck at work today! Be with it all … and breathe 🙂


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