Late September Reflection with Teddy

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Late September morning light dances off dewy grass.

The sun creates dappled patterns through the trees.

Green and gold variations on an autumnal theme.

The hummingbirds have left on their southern journey.

Itโ€™s time to bring in their feeders and put out corn for squirrels … deer and crows.

Spider webs glisten and catch me unexpectedly as I walk into the new day with Teddy.

We stand together and breathe in the changing air.

He’s not as active now that his sisters are gone.

He’s okay with this.ย 

And shows me by licking my calf and wagging his tail.

Chipmunks and squirrels are now safe in our yard.

Teddy loves to simply hang out.

Life right now is like a long letting go breath.

Finding a new rhythm, balance and some peace.

We are going to need it in the days ahead.

35 thoughts on “Late September Reflection with Teddy

      • Sounds the best medicine Val… We will have more to navigate in the months ahead…. Here in the UK its getting unreal too…. And people now waking up, questioning,motives,truth, and two and two are not adding up anymore… I saw the health minister in Melbourne Australia has resigned… One of the worst places in lockdown and tyranny…
        Much love my friend…. Take care of yourself and give Teggy a cuddle from me

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        • Thank you Sue. I spoke to my mum today and she was down again about the lockdown…. but looking forward to the new Spitting Image and watching Us tonight in tv. She keeps herself entertained! Much love to you. At least we have hope that DJT will not be in power with his cronies….. ๐Ÿคž

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          • Lots to be revealed behind the political scenes in the USA, and world wide Val I feel, and I feel more information Will come to light as and when we need to know..
            I am just pleased I do not live within the USA and the chaos of it all… The Divisions are no longer about Red or Blue as I see it from a spiritual stand point, but its about Good and Bad…. Light and Dark…. And we shall have to wait I think to see what the MSM are not putting out there as to the Truth of our World.. From what I have learnt both from Spirit and deep diving is this whole world needs a Purging out of corrupted people in power.. And people are going to be shocked either way….
            All we can do is pray, keep light and love in our hearts and see a world evolving into a more peaceful one…. But I do feel our governments will come under some great scrutiny, as the old world crumbles before the new can arise…
            That Middle Road Val is needed now more than ever as we judge others by the clothes that we are shown they wear by others whose clothes are not always woven with the best of Humanities intentions at heart..
            Fingers Crossed the Universal Plan knows what it’s doing… I trust in that… For the Domino’s are going to fall in quick succession very soon after the USA Election…
            Nothing is cast in stone…. And not all is as it seems to be… โค โค โค ๐Ÿ™‚

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              • We all chose to be here right now Val, and more and more are finding each other holding that Light as our Earth’s Frequencies are trying to raise.. We have to understand that there is a Cosmic War on our consciousness.. Many cannot grasp, because they do not fully understand our Ancient history or Star-seed beginnings… Or how Earth was Highjacked long ago… Those Ancient rulers are now in their own final battles here on Earth and we are going to see many things spill over into what may seem so surreal and unbelievable… Which is why we need to keep our balance, and calm…
                Much love right back my friend…. Always lovely to interact and speak to you dear Val… I have not been so active here in WP of late.. As I have been figuring out how best to navigate speaking my own truth by not stressing others or lowering vibrations… I trust when it’s time I will return with the right words.. โค โค ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™

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    • Thank you Diana. Our Teddy still may aspire to be the Theodore he was named after. Yet we all secretly know we call him Teddy because he looks like one and acts like one. Enjoy your peaceful Teddy Diana โค๏ธ

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