Late September Reflection with Teddy

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Photo by Phil Kallahar on


Late September morning light dances off dewy grass.

The sun creates dappled patterns through the trees.

Green and gold variations on an autumnal theme.

The hummingbirds have left on their southern journey.

It’s time to bring in their feeders and put out corn for squirrels … deer and crows.

Spider webs glisten and catch me unexpectedly as I walk into the new day with Teddy.

We stand together and breathe in the changing air.

He’s not as active now that his sisters are gone.

He’s okay with this. 

And shows me by licking my calf and wagging his tail.

Chipmunks and squirrels are now safe in our yard.

Teddy loves to simply hang out.

Life right now is like a long letting go breath.

Finding a new rhythm, balance and some peace.

We are going to need it in the days ahead.

* The Story of the Terrier

Dilys the welsh terrier

Dilys the Welsh Terrier – always ready for the next adventure.

The votes are in and the terrier stays. Yippee!

Thank you everyone who voted and for your comments. They were so helpful for me to connect with my inner terrier and little girl……

I was the little girl

She’s still a part of me

I am now the terrier

The terrier is not waiting for anyone

She is meditating in nature

Taking it all in and being a part of it

Watching what unfolds from the mist

In her Middle Ground she readies herself for the adventures ahead.

p.s. She also reminds me so much of my middle dog Dilys. Dilys is a Welsh terrier. She was the smallest in the litter and I was hesitant to take her. She turned into the most sweet and loving dog. She is also independent, bright as a button and tests her limits all the time. She is adventurous and courageous and is a natural hunter. She loves water and is always drawn to it! We have a soul connection. When I see the photo of the terrier I think of her … and what is also within me 😀