Embrace your Authentic Self in the New Year

middle ground moment

Every year I choose  to recommit to becoming more authentic and true. To accept my human imperfections and to keep listening to my heart and soul for guidance.

The best New Year’s intention is to live up to our values and be authentic and kind in our decisions and actions.

There is all the difference in the world between believing in something and actually living it! May the New Year bring renewed commitment to all of our journeys.


1. Keep returning to  your middle ground instead of rushing through life’s precious moments

2. Keep appreciating and let go of chasing

3. Keep nourishing yourself and stop doing what you know is bad for you

4. Keep identifying your own gifts and stop comparing yourself to others 

5. Keep being true to yourself instead of being good 

6. Keep being honest with yourself instead of falling into denial

7. Keep becoming fully you instead of trying to become somebody else

8. Keep trusting your intuition and let go of waiting to be sure

9. Keep being kind to yourself and fellow flawed humans, and let go of your inner critic

 10. Keep checking in with your heart and higher Self, and not let your head and smaller self take control


When we are true to ourselves, we open up a new way of being in the world. Why not join me and choose one or two that really resonate with you for this New Year.

Wishing you al the best for 2018. May it be filled with love, beauty, grace and peace despite the highs and lows.

Val xo


58 thoughts on “Embrace your Authentic Self in the New Year

  1. Wow what a wonderful list, thanks so much for sharing it, Val! x I really resonate with #3 and #8, such great reminders! Warmest wishes and lots of love to you and yours in the coming year! ❤


  2. I love this list, especially the way you have grown form “starting” the commitments (former list) to “keeping” them. I love the additions of 6 and 10, which I resonate with, but # 8 is the one I really must listen to. Thanks Val!


  3. I like this list not only for the gentle reminders of each item, but also that you start each one with the word “keep,” for the ongoing lessons that we encounter with each new day. I also like this list for the specifics of how we can move through each day in harmony with our self. Here’s to a year ahead, dear Val, of reaching in and reaching out.

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  4. Thank you for this…🙏
    I resonate deeply with number 2… to appreciate and not to chase… I am striving this year to be in a true place of authenticity with myself on all levels. Really resonated with this thank you again Val 🙏

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