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“Meditative self-inquiry is the art of asking a spiritually powerful question. And a question that is spiritually powerful always points us back to ourselves. Because the most important thing that leads to spiritual awakening is to discover who and what we are—to wake up from this dream state, this trance state of identification with ego….

One of the simplest pointers I can give here is to remember that this process of inquiry and investigation really takes place from the neck down. An example of this is when you ask yourself, “What am l?” The first thing most people realize is that they don’t know. So most people will go into their minds to try to figure it out. But the first thing that your mind knows is that you don’t know. In spiritual inquiry that’s very useful information. “I don’t know what I am. I don’t know who I am.”

Once you recognize that, you can either think about it or you can actually feel it. What’s it like when you look inside to find out who you are and you don’t find an entity called “you”? What does that open space feel like? Feel it in your body; let it register in the cells of your being. This is real spiritual inquiry. This transforms what might have been just an abstract thought in the mind into something that is very visceral, very kinesthetic, and very spiritually powerful.

Once we recognize ourselves as awareness itself, our identity can begin to rest in its essence. Who we are is no longer found in our body, mind, personality, thoughts, and beliefs. Who we are rests in its source. When we rest in our source, our body and mind and personality and thoughts and feelings come into harmony.”

~ Adyashanti

These words really resonate with me. As a yogi and teacher I understand the connection with the body and breath to lead us to a place of centered connectedness unlike any other state. Its how I find my middle ground every day.

The answer to our seeking doesn’t lie in our heads.

We must tune in to our inner being, and surrender to what is not known.

Let it register in the cells of your being.

Time to get the mat out and go teach 🙏

29 comments on “* Spiritual Self Inquiry is From the Neck Down

  1. It’s registering in the cells of my being, Val. Thank you!

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  2. “The answer to our seeking doesn’t lie in our heads.” That’s a very good thing. 🙂 Thank you, Val! ❤


  3. Ahhh, I love these words and these thoughts. And I thank goodness that I’ve placed meditation into my days, which helps me find those answers “from the neck down.” How wonderful it would be to attend one of your classes. But at least I can visit you here and be inspired.

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  4. Reblogged this on wake38.

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  5. Very thought-provoking words, Val. A good reminder of letting loose of the ego and drifting into . 🙂

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  6. I’d need a check-up from the neck up not to heed that advice. Wait a minute . . . 😉

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  7. When we feel, we heal. So true Val. 🙂

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  8. Well said. Something to chew on. 🙂

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  9. More and more I hear of the very vital connections between the body and breath; in China is one of the most important life forces ~ great post Val.

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  10. thank you for giving me
    nothing to think about, Val 🙂

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  11. This is so beautiful, Val, and uplifting. Something I sure needed today. Thank you 🙂

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  12. Great post, Val, and rings true. The head gets us in trouble when seeking deeper answers 🙂

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  13. Wonderful Wisdom Val.. Yes it is not nor ever has been in our heads.. I hope more open up their hearts to see inside 🙂 what has always been there waiting for them. ❤

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  14. The beauty of the garden. Embodied awareness. Love Adyashanti’s teachings. Good stuff. 😉 I used to tell clients to imagine a big heavy gold ball above their heads, then with their breath, breathe it ‘down’ through the body and into the feet. and earth.
    Aloha, Val.

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  15. Great quote. I’ve been watching videos by different gurus who say to stop identifying myself with my body or my mind. Which feels so easy to say but how do I DO it? you know. But this quote definitely made a lightbulb go on. So let’s see where that leads 🙂

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    • Thanks Samantha. It isn’t about believing that we are our thoughts or identifying with our body or a particular role we have in society. The answer is beyond, yet within us all. Tuning inwards and letting go of the external and comparisons is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. xo

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  16. Yes! ~> “Once we recognize ourselves as awareness itself, our identity can begin to rest in its essence.”

    As a detached observer, we become aware that nothing is personal.

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