acorn to mighty oak

All that you need, you have within you, waiting to be recognized, nurtured and allowed to grow.

An acorn contains within it a mighty oak tree.

You contain the same within you.

Just as the acorn is planted and tended to enable it to grow, so you must activate the dormant seed within you.

Are you ready to burst your bonds and become free?

To do so, choose the right environment and supportive people around you. Nourish your body so that it is a fit container for this emerging true self.

and Find your Middle Ground.

It doesn’t have to be a world changing thing to start to bring about this growing spurt, no matter what age you are!

Find the time, (and perhaps courage) to recall an earlier part of your life and see it as a compassionate observer. Notice how far you have come… and the fork in the road that you may have been ignored.

Buy that bathing suit/swimsuit that you know will allow you to feel the freedom of swimming or simply floating again. Let go of what other people might think!

Be curious to know more! Climb that tree to see what’s on the other side.

Take a moment to notice your breath when you become anxious. Then take a class to find out more about breathing and meditation and how it impacts your health and well being.

Turn off your smartphone.

When we pause and find our middle ground, we open the door to a whole new way of living life in balance, with creativity and never ending possibility.

31 comments on “* Inspiration – Within You

  1. Very wise advice…thanks so much, Val! ❤

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  2. Sage wisdom Val 🙏🏻

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  3. Thank you. Just what I needed to hear at this time. Funny how that works sometimes. 🙂

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  4. Great tips Val…turn off your smart phone – what a great idea! ❤
    Diana xo

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  5. All sound advice. Thanks, Val!

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  6. A very helpful post for me, Val. Many thanks.

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  7. thanks for the reminder, Val!
    now, where is my cellphone 🙂

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  8. Great stuff, Val, as always. One of the most important things I ever learned, in respect to growing, was the Buddhist practice of Metta, or Loving Kindness meditation. Of course, other traditions have their equally effective equivalents, and I can only speak for the one I know.

    For anyone who may be interested in this tremendously powerful practice:

    “The practice of metta thus can be likened to bringing into being a great tree, from the time the seed is sown to the time the tree is heavily laden with luscious fruits and sends forth its sweet odor far and wide, attracting myriads of creatures to it to enjoy its tasty and nutritious bounty. The sprouting of the seed and the growth of the plant are, as it were, brought about by the first part of the sutta. In the second part the tree, robust and developed, is fully covered with fragrant and beautiful flowers, riveting all eyes upon it.

    As a pattern of behavior, the first aspect of metta makes one’s life grow like a tree, useful, generous and noble. Metta, as meditation, effects that spiritual efflorescence whereby one’s entire life becomes a source of joy for all. The third part envisages in this imagery the fruition of that process of spiritual development whereby one brings about an all-embracing application of spiritual love which can powerfully condition society as a whole and lead one to the heights of transcendental realization.”

    Hariod ❤

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  9. Turn off our phone? That’s crazy talk (or do you would think). I remember when we had lots of quiet moments during the day. We can get some of those back. Good advice, Val.

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  10. Bless the days before the cell phone or even the computer. Centering and meditation were not as difficult as they might be in today’s noisy, busy, non-stop world.
    Your excellent post points out that taking time for our selves just might be the most important thing we can do for ourselves. love it Val!

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    • Thank you Eddie for sharing your perspective and wisdom. 💛
      I agree – taking time out for ourselves and connecting inwards is the most important thing we can do in today’s world!

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  11. Thanks Val for these reminders.. Would that our younger generation would turn off and look up for a while 🙂
    xxxLove and Blessings x

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    • Thank you Sue for sharing here. I do worry about the younger generations ability to connect person to person and how their necks will be in 20 years!
      Gosh … do we sound like oldies or what 😉

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      • I am sure our Grandparents had the same worries.. Lol. I remember my Grandad tut-tutting at the length of my Mini-skirts .. I think it is a generation thing LOL. Though never would he have believed how technology could advance in such a short space of time and how future generations are so addicted to their devices 🙂
        I like you Val perfer to Look UP and admire the view when I am out. the phone stays tuned to silent and out of sight 🙂 ❤ Have a great Wednesday xxx

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  12. Loving all these suggestions, walking also helps to ground me, so with a combination of yoga, meditation (still not good but practice will get me there) and just moving that body I feel better.

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  13. Great post. Inspiring.
    Stay awesome!

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