* Haiku – new year

hibernating dormouse


Time hurtling forward

Pressure to bring about change.

An other treadmill.


Find your Middle Ground

Reflect and nurture your self

Follow nature’s way




18 thoughts on “* Haiku – new year

  1. Well this is a curious piece. The photo of new beginnings and the promise of the acorns. Yet, the haiku speaks of the stress of change. Ironically, we are always the picture above. It is our interpretations that create the latter.


  2. Many feel pushed to set resolutions and goals for the “new” year. I confess that I’m no longer riding that merry-go-round. I resolve to “go with the flow” and “let life unfold.”


  3. The picture and the words are from two different spectrums. Yes the stress of change can be daunting, yet, in order to achieve the peace of the womb, we must cross that space of turmoil (sometimes) to achieve change that leads to peace. Nice work, Val. I love the way your mind works. Love, Amy


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