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Soothing Words for Every Day

There are words that I say every day as I guide my yoga peeps into Savasana. Savasana or corpse pose, is the final pose before meditation, where we lie down and allow the body to relax, and nourish itself.

savasana to let go

“Breathing in

light …

lightness …

and nourishment …

Breathing out

toxins …

negative energy …

and letting go of whatever needs to be let go of today.”

Whenever I say these words I pause and my heart opens.

May these words bring you to your Middle Ground and center you for the day ahead.



14 comments on “Soothing Words for Every Day

  1. I often start meditating by breathing in light and letting go of toxins. 😀


  2. Love it – My mantra lately has been “I lovingly release what is no longer necessary in my life with thanks and my gratitude” – so I love your mantra and am so glad you shared it today!


  3. Beautiful words Val ❤ Do you know what your photo reminds me of? When as a child I would lie on the ground and look at the clouds. I haven't done that in so long. 🙂
    Diana xo


  4. Love your words. And I love when I get to the corpse pose (sounds kinda morbid though). 🙂


  5. Healing Grief

    Beautiful Val. Thank you for sharing this practice of release, it’s so important.


  6. Lovely! I’ll take it into my practice. Thanks for sharing!


  7. It reminds me of a prayer. A real and beautiful prayer… beautiful words Val xxoo


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