* This Path we are on

mountain path

“This path doesn’t always hug the ridge tops; it often falls into deep canyons, sometimes moves along the waterways, across the valleys, deserts, and the tall peaks of your inner self. Its direction may not always seem clear as you venture into the wilderness within.”

Charles Breaux from “Yoga Gems” edited by Georg Feuerstein

Being with the ups and downs along your path will guide you home. ❤

I also like this other way of looking at our life journey:

the ups and downs of life


Embrace it all my fellow humans 🙂

24 Comments on “* This Path we are on

  1. Duly embraced Val. My plan is not to make plans. I’ll let you know how it works out. Oh, wait a minute, that means I have a goal in mind. 😉


    • Thanks Kate. It made me smile when I cam across it. A part of me wants to think I’m on the last ladder….. but my inner truth knows different …. lol
      Val x


  2. A great argument to live in the moment Val. Yes you can make plans. Yes you can create contingencies. But you can’t predict the holes and bumps that will come. 🙂
    Diana xo


    • I’m glad this resonated Diana 🙂 We can set goals or have a vision for the future, but living each moment and being present to whatever comes up is our journey.
      Val x

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  3. As Lorrie says, “The illustration speaks volumes” I love your quote and the drawings. I could use them with my students. Very true & wise! Thank you 🙂 ♥


    • Thank you Frederic. Isn’t it fascinating how our mind wants everything to go a certain way … and the real lesson is being with whatever arises as we go along our path?
      So grateful you are here!
      Val x

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  4. This made me laugh but only because its so true! If we all just accepted drawing “B” we may just move through those dips more easily. Thanks Val.


    • And then we notice our ego mind trying to figure out exactly where we are and where we have been right?!… 🙂
      Laughter helps us face being human!
      Val x


  5. Here’s the “solution” Nancy, we can avoid the drop offs by spending our lives learning to rappel, walk tightrope, overcome vertigo, skydive, lift more than most humans are capable of, build suspension bridges, climb mountains, swim underwater for extended lengths of time …. So we are really really ready to overcome and control whatever life brings us.
    I think I’d rather have a go at growing pineapples. What about you?…


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