haiku pause

Practicing Haiku

Starts with tentative musings

Ends with the profound


Abundance of fun

Practice deepens my knowledge

Shines light into depths


Universal web

Inspires my inner poet

Seeds to grow the soul


Honoring the past

In the now of Middle Ground

Pause Create Uplift


This is my Haiku practice. 🙂

Thank you for being here as I learn and explore. There’s a simplicity and precision required, which captures the bigger picture and reveals the surprises that lie within. It’s like a creative word puzzle to express observations and feelings. It’s something I wasn’t aware of growing up in the UK … And I am enjoying it so much!!


18 comments on “* Haiku – practice

  1. Love, love, love it Val!! It’s wonderful. I was reading it from my phone in the email and I was like…wait a second…This IS the haiku…and went directly to your site to read it properly!! 🙂 Much love ❤


  2. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic loving support. You are such an inspiration Lorrie!


  3. There’s a quote that goes something like this: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it. Do you follow Ian on here? He writes a blog about leadership and he once wrote a post about how Haiku can help to get your point across.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you: http://leadingessentially.com/2014/06/08/the-power-of-seventeen/

    Diana xo

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  4. Abundance of fun..
    inner poet…
    Pause Create Uplift…
    They are such meaningful and profound expression Val.
    I especially love “abundance of fun” because think that spirituality and humor (and smile) are intrinsically linked…
    as for the “inner poet”, what a beautiful image! Each of us has an “inner poet”… the question is to let him sing… and your work is to teach us to let him sing! I must say mine is very talkative 😉 maybe sometimes I should as him to keep silent 😉
    So, as always, wonderful Lorrie has found the right enthusiastic words:” love, love, love it Vall”… merci & take care ♥

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  5. Healing Grief

    It is a beautiful practice, we all need to do it! Thankyou for sharing yours Val.

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  6. Val, I agree so much. The haiku has to be one of the most wonderful forms of poetry in terms of stretching the mind.

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  7. Inner web in Hinduism, they call it Indra’s Web of many jewels..It is an interesting concept.. Thanks for this.. eve

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  8. Beautiful Val! x


  9. Beautiful collection, Val. Haiku allows us to say so much in few words.

    One year, I joined a Haiku A Day project where participants wrote one haiku a day for 365 days ~ great remind to LOOK, LISTEN, OBSERVE, and DISTILL.

    Enjoy your abundance of fun!


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