* What Gets in The Way of Being Present?

What prevents us from being present and finding our Middle Ground?

Frustrated woman

In my experience there are 4 key things that get in the way.

1. The busyness of life. The external demands and lack of time. We get caught up in the roles we play and the expectations of others. We choose to do too many things in the time available. However, we end up feeling depleted and become stressed.

2. We are hooked on getting things done and are attached to outcomes … which are in the future. Exhaustion becomes a reward for our hard work.

3. We hold on to beliefs about how life should be. We get stuck in our judgments, the stories we create to justify ourselves, and the drama of our lives.

4. We have lost touch with our own feelings and what we need.  Instead we let our thinking jump from one thought to the next. We regret what has happened or wish things hadn’t happened. Or we worry about the future and think ahead to what might happen next.

In the highs and lows of life, how easy it is to miss the moment we are living in… right now.

When we are aware of this, we are one step closer to finding our Middle Ground.

It is an ongoing practice to become present and feel connected and at peace.

Why not check out this page to help you get there.



16 thoughts on “* What Gets in The Way of Being Present?

  1. I used to get caught up in how life “should” be, and I worked hard on that one! Right now I’m working on priorities. Replacing “I don’t have time for that” to “That is not a priority” – see if that helps me find/stay in my middle!


  2. #1-4 describe my first 45 years exactly! Whew! I’m really happy to be in a better place now…..and to be truly thankful for the stress and detachment of those decades. They were exactly what I needed to learn to live in the moment, cultivating peace, joy, and love. Thank you for walking beside me with your insightful posts as I continue this journey.


    • Thank you ISWH for your comment. So glad it resonates with those 45 years of yours 😉 It really is a life’s work… And it helps to have others on the same path.
      Val x


  3. Fear of uncertainty pulls us out of the present. Rather than allowing life to unfold, we want to push, pull, and tug it into a more pleasing shape.

    When we surrender to This Moment . . . peace surfaces of its own accord.


  4. Quite simply, omnipresent external stimulation and procrastination seem to weave their ways into being present. It’s a skill that requires training and ongoing practice to further develop. But once mastered (or nearly so), one revels in it!


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