Seeing Stars

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“To attach oneself to a guru, an avatar, one religion, one creed, is to see the stars only. To put one’s faith in the Infinite Being and in its presence within the heart, is to see the vast empty sky itself. The stars will come and go, will disintegrate and vanish, but the sky remains.”  ~ Paul Brunton

Are you following certain stars and missing out on the vastness of the sky?

I think its human nature to get attached to some “thing” that we believe will show us the way, make things better, or fix us. And so we seek out the answer to our problem.

When we open up to the Source, Infinite Being or Divine within us, and the sky beyond the stars, problems dissolve and we become a part of it all.


Self Questioning

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“To have the courage to

Question one’s certainties, is

True courage.”

~ The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin translated by Roy Melvyn

Sit with this a while and see what comes up for you…

Bringing our awareness to the beliefs that we hold, and usually take for granted, is the first step in our personal growth and spiritual self inquiry. When we look inwards and question our thinking and assumptions, it opens up new perspectives and gives us the opportunity to learn about what has been unknown…. or what may never be discoverable in this life.

This venture into the unknown is a courageous path because the ego-mind will be alert for any conflicting views or threats to its long held position. The ego holds on to those beliefs that have become our certainties about life. It can keep us rigid, stubborn, critical and damning, or simply safe and stuck.

The choice is ours. To embrace the new or hold on to our certainties.

To those on the path of Yoga teacher training, take courage as you embrace what is beyond belief.



Today’s Experiment – Wonder

This is a re-post and reminder to bring wonder into your day today 💛

Thoughts and beliefs create how we see the world around us

This is our reality

Our thinking is not the truth

The truth is beyond our thoughts and beliefs

Trust that there is so much more than what is already known

Take time to come into the present moment


And see your world through the lens of wonder

Notice with an open heart and mind

Let go of your thinking

And let in whatever shows up that was once hidden


* Believe Nothing

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Buddha

awakening of self

A sage’s words and wisdom mean little in themselves.

Let us all look to our own inner teacher and guide.

Trust in ourselves and our knowing.

Have faith in our own experience of the world.

This knowing is there for every one of us.

It is the place of personal growth and evolution.



* What Gets in The Way of Being Present?

What prevents us from being present and finding our Middle Ground?

Frustrated woman

In my experience there are 4 key things that get in the way.

1. The busyness of life. The external demands and lack of time. We get caught up in the roles we play and the expectations of others. We choose to do too many things in the time available. However, we end up feeling depleted and become stressed.

2. We are hooked on getting things done and are attached to outcomes … which are in the future. Exhaustion becomes a reward for our hard work.

3. We hold on to beliefs about how life should be. We get stuck in our judgments, the stories we create to justify ourselves, and the drama of our lives.

4. We have lost touch with our own feelings and what we need.  Instead we let our thinking jump from one thought to the next. We regret what has happened or wish things hadn’t happened. Or we worry about the future and think ahead to what might happen next.

In the highs and lows of life, how easy it is to miss the moment we are living in… right now.

When we are aware of this, we are one step closer to finding our Middle Ground.

It is an ongoing practice to become present and feel connected and at peace.

Why not check out this page to help you get there.